Leeds Beckett University – CAS Process starts now!

Greetings from Leeds Beckett University!

We are happy to share below with you the CAS Process for LBU for our September 2021 intake.

The CAS process – submission and review of documents for the issuance of the CAS letter will be 6 months prior to the start date of the courses.

This will start with immediate effect!

This is advantageous for the students because:

  1. Students can apply for their visa sooner (earlier CAS process started only 3 months before the course start date)
  2. Gives students ample time to apply for CAS and then apply for visa.
  3. Students can save – students don’t have to apply for priority visas and leave travel to last minute.


  1. 50% of the reduced tuition fee deposit along with the TT receipt for confirming the payment.

        Note: Students who pay course fees in full only need to show

        maintenance which is £9,207 (£1,023 for 9 months) and students who

        pay 50% of course fees – need to show £9,207 + remaining tuition fees

  1. CAS Documents – attached is a document which gives an overview of the process and the documents required.
  1. All CAS documents to be shared with Tanvi Tewari, Operations Manager on [email protected]

Thank you for continuous support  and do reach out to us for any clarifications you may have.

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