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We found that some applicants may have difficulties to apply for IELTS tests during the pandemic. We can now provide our Free Online English Test for our Offer Holders.

Our test is very similar to IELTS Academic test and can be used for direct entry onto the degree course. I recommend only the offer holders, who have good English level and are confident to obtain IELTS 6 or above, to apply for this test.

In each session, the Reading/ Writing exam will take place on the first day of the test (19th July, 16th August, 13th Sept and 4th October) and the listening/ speaking tests will take place over the following two weeks.


Month  Apply by Testing Period  Reading / Writing Listening / Speaking Result Dates 
July  9th July 19th – 30th July 19th July 20th – 30th July 4th Aug
August  6th Aug 16th – 27th Aug 16th Aug 17th – 27th Aug 2nd Sept
September 3rd Sept 13th – 24th Sep 13th Sep 14th – 24th Sep 29th Sept
October  24th Sept 4th – 13th Oct 4th Oct 5th – 13th Oct 15th or 18th Oct

Here is a summary of the registration process for the candidates:

  1. Candidates confirm using the confirmation form by the specified date & time. The form will be closed at this time, they will not be able to register late.
  2. They receive an email from me informing them about the reading/writing part of the test and Proctor Exam. This will contain the deadline for completing checks
  3. They receive an email from ProctorExam and they must complete checks.
  5. Once checks are completed, they will receive a link to the practice reading/ writing test (note this is NOT on ProctorExam).
  6. On the day of the reading/ writing test, they can access the set up at the specified time (they access this through the ProctorExam email, they do not receive a separate link).
  7. Please note: set up takes some time (setting up camera/ system), if they are late at this stage, they may run out of time and not be able to access the test.
  8. Once they have completed the reading/writing test they receive a link to book the listening/ speaking test.
  9. Candidates should use the ProctorExam chat help for technical issues with checks or set up.

ProctorExam General Info:

  • General video instructions (can be different for your exam): Click here
  • General exam rules (can be different for your exam): Click here
  • Other questions: Click here

Regulations reminder

Please make sure the internet connection is stable for the test taking.

Please make sure that your head and shoulders/ arms are visible on video.

Do not wear headphones or earbuds – use the computer audio/ mic.

Do not type or touch your keyboard  during the listening/ speaking test.

When you make notes on the listening section, use paper and pen/ pencil.

Do not have any other applications open on your computer other than zoom.

Please make sure your phone is turned off/ away from the testing area.

If there is any question, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you very much for your support and look forward to hearing from you!

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