Why to Choose an Overseas Education Consultancy?

It is a dream of millions of students, in any part of the world, to study abroad. For most, it is about the change of place. For others, it is about accessing the first-class infrastructure and a wide range of courses along with an international exposure, which enables them to get high paid jobs in multinational companies.

However, most students do not have proper information about the foreign higher education system. Innumerable options of universities, colleges and courses perplex them to choose an option that could help them to reach heights of success. For a lot many students, it is an entirely alien concept. This is where the overseas education consultants come into the picture.

Why go to a consultant, in the first place?

The consultants can help the students to select the best college that perfectly suits them, according to their educational interests and goals. A good consultant can also recommend some other alternatives to the students who are not successful enough to get admission in their preferred college.

A consultant will pay attention

Competition is really heating up, and the process of selecting the right college or course has seriously become a headache for the students. There are many colleges that offer the same courses, but the important thing here is the content of the course and reliability of the college. The consultants communicate with the students, analyze their educational perspectives and guide them to select the best course programs that will match their needs.

You do not have to run around for Admissions

Many consultants provide valuable information about the fee structure, admission formalities and the approximate expenses of staying in a foreign country. Students can make a single or multiple applications, and the consultants will help them to sail through the admission process fairly easily.

Extra Advises Apart from the Colleges and Universities

Many students have to endure a lot of to get a Visa. An education consultant helps the students to complete all the formalities or paperwork to get the Visa without any difficulty. The students are spared unnecessary stress regarding accommodations, as the consultants, generally, have contact with a lot of agencies providing accommodations in the country they promote.

Why Should You Choose Study Smart?

An education consultant will be a real boon if you have made the choice after deliberate research. There are many in the market only to fill their pockets. You need to look for the one with years of experience and good universities. In all modesty, here is where we can step in.

Study Smart is registered with the British Council- Education UK and is a member of Society of Education Consultants, UK. We exhibit a large portfolio of Reputed and Listed Universities and Colleges, and many organizations that work with the High Commissions and major educational bodies of their respective countries. Our offices are located in London, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune and Kabul.

Most members of our team have been studied, lived and worked abroad. We have been there and done that, so to say, so you may know that we are not selling a country based upon some tourist brochures. Our team has been in this field from some years now and has dealt with students from diverse backgrounds. Our counsellors are trained and are certified by NBCC, UK.

To say that we offer best-in-its-class guidance is not an overestimation of ourselves on our part. Here is why we are good:

  • Our counsellors have first-hand experiences to share with you. They can not only tell you about education and campuses but also about the local small details of the country.
  • Our earlier clients form a huge Alumini network, if you need references.
  • From Scholarship to Visa assistance, we help with everything.
  • It will not be that we would not bother about you once you leave. We take care of your post departure needs as well.
  • Part time jobs abroad? Let us find some for you.
  • Study Smart is working as an education portal, who will show the correct way to expose yourself in the education sector.
  • We are having multiple options in undergraduate and post graduate courses.


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