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Facts about Ireland

Ireland, officially known as Republic of Ireland is a small island country in the Western Europe. Ireland is a part of the European Union. Dublin is its capital and largest city. Other main cities in Ireland are Galway, Cork and Limerick. Main languages are English and Irish., with English as the offiical languag. Ireland is parliamentary democracy and fundamentally regulated by the constitution of Ireland and Prime Minister is the head of Government. It is currently home to 50,000 international students from 160 countries.

Ireland, is a rich country and it is ranked in top 10 wealthy countries in the world in terms of per capita GDP. Ireland is ranked very high in human development index, it is also ranked very high in other parameters such as economic freedom, income parity, safety, and life standards.

Area – 70,273 Square KM
Population – 4.9 Million (2019)
GDP – USD 413 Billion (2019)
Distance from India – Approx. 7000 KM or 9 hours flight journey
Time difference from India – Ireland is 4.5 to 5.5 hours behind India.

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Ireland, is just not a beautiful Island but, also one of the finest education destination for international students. Ireland has many fine universities and attracts more than 50,000 students from more than 160 countries. Ireland is one of the few English speaking countries in the European Union, making it a suitable destination for students from India. Irish education system is considered one of the best in the world for its teaching quality and world class research. The universities in Ireland offer extensive course options in various disciplines for international students looking to Study in Ireland. Education and skills gained from Irish university have gained global acclamation over the years and has good global recognition. Studying in Ireland is reasonable compared to other countries like US, UK, Australia and Canada.

Ireland, is one of the safest and least corrupt country for international students to live and study. It is ranked in top 10 countries in the world on the quality of life index. Being a multicultural country Ireland offers a great amount of international exposure to students. Ireland also provides good post study work opportunity for students and settlement options.

Living and Working in Ireland

Culture : Irish are considered to be the friendliest and fun loving people in the world. The Irish culture includes language, literature, music, art and sports. Ireland is known for its love for food and drinks, its history, its picturesque, countryside and bustling cities. The Irish culture shares its traits from the British culture along with other countries across Europe, making it a multicultural society ideal for international students.

Welfare : Ireland has a very low crime rate and offers high personal safety. Ireland has a very advanced health care system which is a combination of both public and private regulated by Health Service Executive. If your earnings are below a certain threshold, you even qualify for a medical card which entitles you to get almost all of your the medical services for free.

Transport : All the cities in Ireland have good public transport system including Bus, Train, Trams and Taxis. Outside the cities, there are buses and trains that will take you just about anywhere, and for the places they don’t go, rental cars are cheap. Being a right hand drive, driving around for student is easy.

Working as a student : All the international students are allowed work part time i.e. 20 hrs per week during their term time and 40 hrs per week during their vacations. Part time jobs are relatively easy to find and most students work in coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, retails stores and other casual work.

Student Life : Ireland has one of the youngest populations in the world, making it a vibrant and fun destination for international students. Living as a student is a very enriching experience. Ireland is full of museums, monuments, cathedrals, and parks making it also famous for its literature and arts. Irish people are considered to be very nice and offers very friendly environment to international students. Ireland is known around the world for its pubs, which are like community centers where people make and keep friends, play games, hear music and more. Ireland has a beautiful country side with lots of places to visit within the country and also easy access to various European destinations.

Universities, Courses & Intakes

Universities : Ireland has a mix of Public and Private Higher Education institutions. Ireland has total 8 Universities, 12 institutes of technology and 7 private colleges of education. All the universities in Ireland are ranked in top 3% globally. Below is the list of universities in Ireland.

Courses : All universities and colleges in Ireland offers wide range of programs in various fields of study. Ireland is popular for courses in Information Technology, Business, Computer Science, Pharma, Biotechnology, Public Health, Bio-informatics, Finance, Engineering, Construction and many more.

Intakes : Most universities start their courses in September every year however, some institutes of technology and colleges run limited number of the popular courses in January as well.

Funding and Scholarships

Tuition Fee : Range of tuition fees varies university to university. Below is the approximate range of fee at the British Universities.

Level of study Annual Fees (Euro) Annual fees (INR approx)
Master’s degree 10,000 – 25,000 9 Lacs – 21 Lacs
Bachelor’s degree 10,000 – 20,000 8 Lacs- 17 Lacs
Higher Diploma 10,000-15,000 10 Lacs-12 Lacs

Living Expenses : Students require €10,000 for their annual expenses while studying in Ireland. They need to have availability to these funds in order to apply for a student visa.

Scholarships and Bursaries : Ireland universities and colleges offer very good scholarship to deserving international students ranging from 10-50% of the tuition fees. Most of these scholarships are merit based and require a separate application to be made along with supporting documents.


Student visa : Student visa for Ireland can be applied online or offline. Students need to submit all their academic, financial and sponsorship related documents for visa. A police clearance certificate is also required for the Visa process. The Visa process for Ireland is complex and students are always advised to seek help of Study Abroad Consultants for Ireland.

Work Visa : International students are allowed to look for employment opportunity in Ireland via Post Study Work Visa. Post Study Work Visa allows international students to work in Ireland for upto 2 years without sponsorship from employer. Post study work visas are open work visa and can further be extended with the support of an employer. One can also apply for a green card if they fulfil the requirements for the same.

Arrival and Accommodation

Arrival : Upon arrival, your passport and documents are checked at the destination airport. Universities in Ireland provide airport pickup services from the nearest airport, this service must be booked in advance before flying. Students can also take taxis from airport to their destination. There are options of taking public transport from the airport as well.

Accommodation : Irish universities and institutes offer variety of accommodation to international students such as on campus university accommodation, home-stay, and private apartments. Students can opt for their choice of accommodation depending on their budget, location and preferences.

Orientation and Welcome Week : Orientation and welcome week is a very important step of your journey as an international student in Ireland. It offers you a great opportunity to make friends, know about your university and get familiarised with the campus facilities and much more. All the students are advised to attend these orientation and welcome week to start their journey on right note. The Education Ireland also conducts pre departure sessions in major cities across India for all students planning to Study in Ireland. It is a good idea to attend these sessions to be fully prepared before you depart to Study in Ireland.

Career and Employment Opportunities

Ireland is one of the fastest growing economies in the EU region making it a great option for students looking to kick start their career in the foreign country. Due to its well-connected geographical location and low corporate tax rates, an impressive number of multinational companies have European headquarters in the country, providing a wealth of opportunities for job seekers. Opportunities can be found in a number of major industries including the growing technology sector, where the demand for IT workers is high, and thanks to Ireland’s rising popularity as a holiday destination, the hospitality and tourism industry are in need of both skilled and casual workers.

Main Industries in Ireland – Information Technology, Financial Sector, Pharmaceutical, Medical Technology, Tourism & Hospitality, Aircraft Leasing, Alcoholic Beverage Industry & Healthcare

Emerging Industries in Ireland – Transport and Logistics, Export and Trade, Financial Technology, Accounting, Biomedical Sciences & Biotechnology

Areas of Skill Shortage in Ireland

There are plenty of jobs and skills, which are listed in the current skills shortage list for Ireland. The most updated list is available on the Ireland immigration website. Some of the relevant skills shortage areas for students are

  • Business and Finance – Accountants, Business Intelligence Analysts, Financial Advisers, Risk and Compliance Professionals
  • Engineering – Biomedical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Energy Engineers, Mechanical Engineers
  • IT – App Developers, Data Analysts, Software Developers, IT Support Specialists, Programmers
  • Healthcare – Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Opticians, Radiologists
  • Hospitality – Chefs & Tour Operators
  • Transport and Logistics – Logistics and Supply Chain Managers, Supply Chain Analysts, Transport Managers.

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