Rishi Sunak Confirms Graduate Visa Route, Securing Opportunities for International Students

Rishi Sunak Confirms Graduate Visa Route, Securing Opportunities for International Students

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has made a positive decision to maintain the Graduate Route visa programme, following strong support from key cabinet ministers and the higher education sector. This move ensures that international graduates can continue to build their careers in the UK.

Sunak had considered restricting the Graduate Route visa, which allows International Graduates to stay and work in the UK for up to Two Years Post-Graduation (three years for PhD graduates). This proposal aimed to reduce migration figures but faced constructive feedback from senior cabinet members, including Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Education Secretary Gillian Keegan, who highlighted the benefits to universities and the UK economy.

Key Benefits of the Graduate Route Visa

Economic Impact: The Graduate Route visa is essential for UK universities, particularly those with a significant number of international students. The policy not only supports the financial stability of these institutions but also contributes to the broader UK economy. Indian students, a major demographic using this visa, bring substantial financial resources and enrich the cultural and academic environment of UK universities​ (Yahoo News)​​ (India Today)​​ (Outlook India)​.

Cabinet Support: Sunak’s decision was reinforced by cabinet colleagues who emphasized that reducing the length of the visa or restricting its availability would deter international students, leading to decreased university revenues and a loss of global talent. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) found no evidence of significant abuse of the Graduate Route visa, recommending its retention in its current form​ (Yahoo News)​​ (Outlook India)​.

Planned Enhancements: The government plans to introduce modest reforms to enhance the integrity of the visa system. These include stricter regulations on recruitment agents and potential mandatory English tests for visa holders, ensuring that the system remains robust and beneficial for genuine students​ (India Today)​​ (Outlook India)​.

Support from International Students: Organizations like the National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) have praised the decision to maintain the current Graduate Route visa. They argue that this visa is crucial for attracting top talent from around the world and allowing graduates to gain valuable work experience in the UK​ .


The Graduate Route visa remains a vital component of the UK’s appeal to international students, ensuring that the country continues to benefit from the influx of global talent and the financial contributions these students bring. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s decision to maintain the Graduate Route visa underscores the importance of balancing immigration control with the economic and educational benefits that international students provide.

For further details, you can read more from sources such as The Guardian and India Today.

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