IELTS myths that the student are afraid of


You will get to hear many myths about the IELTS examination. Some of the top institutes for IELTS Training in Surat suggest completely ignoring these lies. Instead, they recommend enhancing English proficiency skills and become comfortable with the test format. They also get you accustomed to the question type that comes in IELTS. In this write-up, we have shared some of the common IELTS myths that the students are afraid of. They are:

  • If I take the examination in my country, the result will be better. 

It is the most common myth of all. The IELTS examination difficulty level will be everywhere from anywhere you sit for it. Always consider the distance you have to travel to reach the examination center. Always remember all the IELTS examiners in every country receives a high training level in the best IELTS Institutes in Delhi and are monitored closely to make sure that they perform well from wherever they take the test.

  • The examiners will deduct marks if I do not speak in an American, British, or Australian accent. 

You do not require changing the accent to die to the examination. Instead, try to concentrate on speaking naturally and clearly so that the examiner can clearly understand you. Listen to the various native speakers of the UK, USA, or Australia and speak in English every day, which will assist you to pronounce the words clearly.

  • If there is a difference in opinion between my answers and the examiner, I will lose marks. 

In your speaking and writing test, there is no concept like wrong or right opinions. The examiner will assess how well you can use your English for expressing ideas and reporting the information.

  • IELTS is too much difficult to sit for 

IELTS is not as difficult as any other exam. The IELTS Coaching in Thane will help you train well and prepare you to know the English language well. It will require thorough preparation and English proficiency skills. Since there is no fail or pass in the IELTS, there are only results on the band scale. This scale marking system has never changed for more than 20 years. The score you need to achieve depends on the institution or organizations where you will be applying to. Always check the score requirement before sitting for the examination.

  • If the examiner smiles at my answers in the speaking test, then I will get more scores.

Smiling can only assist you to stay relaxed in the examination and perform better. Every examiner closely monitors the candidates to be fair and to assess the English level properly. The examiners will offer you. It does not depend on the factor of whether you are smiling or not.

  • If I write extra in the writing section, I will get more marks.

There is a minimum word limit of 250 words in the IELTS examination. You should write a minimum of 150 words for section 1and a minimum of 250 words for task 2. If you write anything less than the minimum word count, you will lose marks. However, if your word count is more than the minimum, this will not help you gain more marks. Keep in mind to implement correct grammar, appropriate English, sentence structures, and wide vocabulary range.

  • If I keep practicing the questions repeatedly, then I will get a better band score.

Practicing the tests repeatedly of the IELTS Online Training will only help you to learn what is present in every test part. It will lead to the best test preparation and will maximize your English skills. You can speak with your friends, take email and notes in English, listen to the English radio or TV channels and read the English newspapers.

These are a few myths that you need to overcome while preparing for the IELTS test. If you are not much confident about the preparation you have done, then get enrolled in one of the best IELTS institutions that will guide you thoroughly in this process.

How Study Smart Training will guide you for online IELTS Preparation?

Study Smart is premier institute for IELTS Training for both online and offline mode. We are having two modes training – Online IELTS Training and Classroom IELTS Training. We provide online IELTS coaching via Zoom platform.

Our Live Online Classes includes live sessions by British Council and Cambridge Certified trainer. You’ll also get recording of live sessions for revision purpose on demand. Our Online IELTS training is one Stop Solution for IELTS aspirants. You’ll also get access for Online IELTS portal that has Grammar lessons, Tips & Tricks by IELTS Experts, 120+ hours self learning lessons, mock test – sectional and full length test, Diagnostic test. We’ll provide you a hand book designed by IELTS experts covering the whole 4 module – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. All resources provided by Study Smart will help and guide you to achieve that 7+ Band Score in IELTS Exam. You’ll contact our expert counselor to know more about Online IELTS Course.

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