Tips to Boost your Online IELTS Preparation


If you are preparing to migrate or study abroad in a country where English is the official language, then taking an IELTS test is a must. The International English Language Testing System or IELTS assesses the speaking, reading, listening, and writing ability of the candidates in English.

Each module consists of different components of multiple-choice questions, labeling diagrams, and maps. Initially, the preparation for IELTS can devastate you, but with enough practice and concentration, you can achieve your required band. Your sole objective should be to achieve the highest band possible so that you will not have to retake IELTS test, as it is an expensive affair. Proper preparation and a good night’s sleep just before the exam night are the best ways to relax your mind. In this article, we will share some of the best tips that can boost your Online IELTS preparation and complement our Online IELTS Training Classes

Read the Instructions Properly

Reading the instructions for each question is exceptionally significant in IELTS. If a question asks you to answer it within two words, then you need to explain it correctly within two words only. The total number of words plays a significant role in the writing module, as well. Marks will lessen if you cannot reach a minimum word count. Thus practice the sample modules carefully and access your preparation.

Chalk Out a Plan

If you have enough knowledge about each module, then you can build up some time-saving techniques or procedures to answer every question quickly. In the case of the listening segment, underline the keywords that focus on the main concept. In the reading section, read the questions first. Develop a strategy that will suit you and save your valuable time and effort in the examination hall. Our Online IELTS Training can provide you with the right strategy to crack the IELTS exams.

Finding a Study Partner

Convince a friend with excellent English-speaking skills to communicate with you daily for at least 10 minutes. Rehearse with him/her and always ask for their feedback. Also, ensure to record your conversations for later assessment of your performance. Try to enhance your speaking skills based on the feedback. Our Cambridge certified trainers can also help you with mock speaking interviews if you enroll for out Live Online IELTS Coaching.

Develop an Ear for Listening

Do you know that the recording in the listening module can be heard only once? Different accents of countries like Australia, Britain, New Zealand, America, and many more come in the IELTS test’s listening section. It will be an enormous advantage for you if you can understand and interpret each of the accents without difficulty. You can also train your hearing skills by listening to news channels and podcasts.

Always do a lot of practice Tests

In the practice tests, learn to manage your skills with the time limits. In this way, you can not only simulate the time restrictions but will also help you to recognize your weaknesses and strengths. It will also clear your confusion about which segment you are weak in. If you have difficulty or you are taking more time in a particular section, then try to practice that section more than the others. Also, revise your processes to remember the difficult words you are having trouble remembering in.

Write Your Answers like a professional English Writer

Writing and reading go hand in hand. Expose yourself to multiple forms of reading like manuals, magazines, articles, essays, and various reports on numerous subjects. You can also examine your vocabulary skills in English by writing different sentences implementing the unfamiliar words you have learned for the day.

Additional Tips for the Preparation

Apart from the tips stated above, you can also follow the below tricks to ease your Online IELTS preparation.

  • Get an idea of the requirement of each task
  • Develop a habit of scanning through the entire text quickly to get a rough idea

Wrapping it up

Remember that IELTS’s principal purpose is to examine the candidate’s communication and not the GK on English. Multitasking is the chief key to success in this exam. These are some of the most useful and straightforward strategies that can assist you in achieving the desired score in the IELTS examination.

How Study Smart will help you in Online IELTS preparation? 

Study Smart has designed an Online IELTS course with the help of Globally Renowned IELTS experts like Phil Biggerton and Lucy Mears. This course is a one-stop solution for IELTS aspirants. After detailed research and expertise gathered through the years of training experience, we have included multiple learning resources in the course that are useful for IELTS aspirants.


We will provide Live IELTS Coaching sessions covering all four modules by Expert faculties. We also provide a recording of the session for practice and revision purposes.

We have a specially designed online study portal. Every student enrolling for an Online IELTS course will get access to the Online Study Portal that includes Diagnostic test, Sectional mock test, Full-length test, 120+ hours of self-learning sessions, Grammar sessions, tips and tricks by Experts. In addition to that, we will also provide handbook designed by IELTS Experts. Don’t wait, contact us for more details.

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