15 most commonly asked questions about IELTS

Are you preparing yourself to take the IELTS examination this year? If yes, then there might be a lot of questions that are lingering on your mind. To help you out to get all the answers, we have prepared this write up with the most 15 commonly asked questions about IELTS.

1.What do you mean by IELTS? 

The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System. This examination assesses the English speaking abilities of the people who want to work, study, or migrate to an English speaking country.

2. Why is IELTS so significant? 

IELTS is significant because it acts as proof of your competency in the English Language.

3. Is it compulsory to take the IELTS examination? 

No, it is not compulsory to take IELTS examinations for all countries or to get admission to different Universities. But if you do not sit for this exam, then your chances of getting the visa will suffer, as the officers will not be convinced about your English proficiency without its scores.

4. Which countries do accept the IELTS scores? 

IELTS score is admitted by most of the British, European, New Zealand, Australian, Canadian, and Irish academic institutions. Almost 3000 Universities in the USA accept students from all over the world through the IELTS score.

5. What is the eligibility for the exam? 

Any student above 16 years of age and have a valid passport can undergo this exam.

6. Am I required to sit for the IELTS exam?

If you want to enroll in a UK university or want to study engineering or medicine, then you should go to the Academic IELTS. If you are interested in pursuing a secondary education or training programs in the English speaking countries, then go for the IELTS general test.

7. For how many attempts can I take the exam? 

There is no limit by the authorities to conduct the IELTS exam. But you need to pay the exam fees every time you sit for the exam.

8. Do I have to give the exam on paper or on the computer? 

You can give the exam both on paper and computer. The choice is totally up to you to decide.

9. Who conducts this exam? 

The IELTS examination is jointly conducted by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment of English, and IDP IELTS Australia.

10. How and when to get the result for the IELTS exam? 

In the case of a paper-based exam, your result will be available 13 days after the completion of the test. In the case of a computer-based test, you can view the results after 5 to 7 days after the exam.

11. How to prepare for the IELTS examination? 

There are two ways for the IELTS preparations. If you have a good command of the English language, then you can prepare yourself at home. But if you can fasten the test’s learning process, it can be a perfect decision for some professional or training help.

12. What is the maximum age to sit for the exam? 

There is no maximum age restriction, but you have to be 16 years or above age to sit for the exam.

13. What ID is acceptable at the registration for the IELTS exam? 

In most cases, the current and original passport is the only acceptable ID for the exam. The citizens of the European Union can also use their national ID cards. The authorities do not accept the driving license as a valid ID.

14. By when should I arrive at the Test Center? 

Security checking might need up to 30 minutes, so you need to arrive at least 45 minutes before the beginning of the exam.

15. Which Spelling standard should I use-US or UK?

You can use any of the USA and UK spelling standards but never use both of them simultaneously.


So, these are some of the most striking questions that must be going on in your mind for quite some time about the IELTS exam. Now you have got all your answers, go ahead, prepare yourself, and crack your dream score!

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