6 Pro-Tips to Save Money While Studying in Ireland

You can study abroad in Ireland without making a big hole in your pocket only if you can plan carefully. In Ireland, you can combine excellence with affordability. Getting a master’s or graduate degree in this nation is cheaper than in the USA. Once the Irish government approves your stay there, you can stay for your semester in Ireland by taking the benefit of the budget-friendliness. In this article, we will discuss six professional tips that can help you save money while you are busy studying in Ireland.

1. Research and Apply to the Scholarships 

The University you are thinking of joining must offer a minimum of one scholarship for international students. But there might be numerous other scholarships also available outside the University that can supplement your budget while you travel to Ireland.

2. Look for Anything outside Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of the country, thus studying here might be a bit more costly. You might search for the universities outside Dublin that will offer you much better or similar experiences like the Dublin institutions. The money you will save can well be spent on the excursions and the weekend trips.

If you want to undergo the Irish culture in a tiny city, then Galway is the place for you. If you more prefer the alternative sceneries, then Cork city is perfect for you. In this way, you will get innumerable alternatives for studying abroad in Ireland that might include a much less intimidating budget.

3.Be Selective about food and rent

After airplane fare, food and rent will be your largest expenses. Try to keep your rent within the budget of 300 to 700 Euros every month. Try to look for housing options that will also give you a rebate if you will pay the entire semester staying fees in advance. With food also, try to fix a specific budget for every day. It will even be better if you start cooking along with your roommates.

4. Book a Flight with Student card

Airfare is one of the most substantial expenses for study abroad. Airline companies offer special discounts to students with over 26 years of age. There are some airlines which provide discounts to the family and friends of the student as well. Most of them offer a concession on a round trip or a direct trip to Ireland for the study program.

5. Search for short term paid work

Studying with full concentration should be your primary focus right now; if you are really on a tight budget, you can opt for a part-time paid job in Ireland. Search for work in a restaurant, local café, supermarket, or store. You can also select tutoring gigs or start working as a paid internship. On a student visa, legally, you can work up to 20 hours each week if you are enrolled in a University program for at least one year.

6. Invest in Insurance

Wait, is not spending on insurance the opposite of saving money while studying abroad in Ireland? Well yes. But the academic year of 2020-2021 is different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus investing your money in travel or health insurance will certainly be fruitful to save your money if you fall sick in a foreign country. If you have insurance coverage, it will help you get proper medical care or arrange for an emergency flight to take you home in this scenario.

Final Thoughts

We have covered every single way through which you can save money while you are pursuing your courses abroad in Ireland. Now it is up to you which tips you will apply and start saving each penny. To get enrolled in an Irish University, you have to sit for the IELTS examination. After securing a high score, you can fulfill studying abroad at your favorite University in Ireland. So hurry up now and visit your nearest Education advisor to know all the procedures in detail!

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