7 Powerful Tips That Will Help You to Write the Perfect SOP for Scholarship


A statement of purpose or SOP for a Scholarship is an article the students write describing their purpose for applying to a particular fellowship. It is an essay covering every aspect of your life and persuades the organization on how you deserve to avail a scholarship. Candidates write SOP in different formats because one can apply for varied forms of fellowships like merit, minority, or athletic.

Whether you want to fund your project or are giving an IELTS examination, an SOP is a must to Study Abroad. The top IELTS consultancies in Delhi assist thousands of applicants in this procedure. But before contacting them, go through the tips we have shared below. It is possible that the writer in you will awake and will pen down a perfect SOP.

1. Know the sort of scholarship you want to avail yourself for 

SOP for scholarships is dependent entirely on the type you are applying for. Even if you go to the best IELTS consultancy in Delhi or to anybody for guidance, you have to tell them about the scholarship you are applying to. Below are some scholarship categories that most students look forward to.

  • Academic Scholarships 

These are dependent on the academic merit of the candidate. If you have scored good marks in school and a decent CGPA in college, then you can apply under this category. In SOP for these fellowships, you can talk about the subjects that interest or motivate you.

  • Athletic Scholarships 

If you are good at sports, these scholarships can be a good chance for your admission to reputable universities. You can talk about the sports you play and why you decided to go for that particular sport.

  • Scholarships based on minority and different social backgrounds 

Organizations grant these fellowships to the students who come from minority religious or social groups in a country. Writing an SOP under this category will be exceptionally personal as you have to talk about specific experiences of your own where being a minority has affected you.

2. An eye-catchy opening  

Now that you know the category you are applying to, you can start writing your SOP. We recommend a grand opening to create the best first impression. The committee members of an organization have to read many essays. Thus begin with something interesting to catch the reader’s attention and compel him/her to read further.

3. Write about your interests 

After you have set a great beginning of your life story, talk about your passions and hobbies. Share experiences and incidents of how you got involved in a particular hobby.

4. Your plans  

Clearly defined short-term and long-term goals will add a good impression on your SOP. The reader will understand how self-aware you are by going through it. Your goals and plans should persuade the organization to select you and use your knowledge in the best possible way.

5. Past Experiences  

Customization of your essay with your past stories is a great idea. Represent specific incidents that are of immense importance to you. In this way, your SOP will automatically become unique.

6. Formal and Conversational Tone  

Your essay should neither be formal nor friendly. The SOP should sound like a novel of your life journey. Write it like you are speaking to someone but avoid being too casual. The University will identify you as the person you want to portray in the SOP. Flaunt all your achievements and convince the evaluation team that you are worthy of the scholarship.

7. Address your issues  

You have to be honest while writing your SOP. Don’t create unnecessary stories or events. If you have any genuine problems, like a gap year in your studies or work-related issues, then SOP is the best medium to express it. If you talk in a mature tone, the committee members will empathize with you. It will enhance the chances of fellowship approval.


Before you start writing your statement of purpose, making a rough draft can be helpful. It will ensure that you don’t miss out on an idea. An additional tip you should keep in mind is not to make your SOP tough to read by using complicated vocabulary. Share your essay with your friends and family, which will help you to get some add-on points. Lastly, end your SOP with an emotional note. We hope our pointers will help you write a perfect SOP for a scholarship. Just remember that your SOP is unique to you, so take help from external sources. However, do not bind yourself to specific rules while writing them down.

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