A Quick Tour of Speaking Cue Cards for IELTS and Topics 2023

Under the IELTS Speaking exam, the test takers will get exactly 1 minute time to prepare themselves to talk about a specific topic. This topic given to an applicant is known IELTS Cue card/ Candidate Task Card. The instructions to follow for cue cards for IELTS are mentioned on the card given to candidates by an examiner.

The talk of the test takers on the given cue must be of almost 2 minutes. He or she can continue until the time examiner you to stop or take a break. The examiner will question about 1-2 topics towards the end of this task. The duration of the cue card/ candidate task card is of 3-4 minutes which consists of a preparation time of almost a minute.

While answering the questions asked in the Cue Card for IELTS, the candidates are expected to show their skills, out of which one skill includes framing the answers based on the given topic.

List of Cue Card Topics

The speaking cue cards IELTS samples mentioned below are divided into different topics. These are a few of the recent cue card topics that have been asked to the students in the previous IELTS tests.

IELTS Speaking Cue Cards

To get a good score in the speaking section, make sure you are well-prepared with the most certain IELTS speaking cue card topics.

A few cue card topics are listed below for your reference:

Topic Analysis
Family It involves questions related to your family/family members.
Preferred In this, the candidates have to talk about someone or something closer to them. It could be about their most loving person, a show, or a place.
Time-Based It consists of any which has happened in the past
Occasions It consists of any important occasion, like birthday, marriage, etc.
Object It includes speaking about any object, such as a chair, mirror, etc.
Emotions In this, the students have to talk about feelings and emotions like happiness, sorrow, etc.
Person It involves sharing your opinion about a particular person, be it a friend, a relative or a neighbour.
Place It includes speaking about random places which you have visited or want to visit.
Work/Study It includes sharing your opinion about your work life/student life.

Please make a note of the fact that it is only regular practice that can help boost your confidence. Go for cue cards with answers as it will make you good at cue cards.

You may also refer to some cue cards with answers for a better understanding of the task.


These are the cue card topics that ask you about things you like:

  •       Mention your favourite Picture or Photography you like the most.
  •       Describe your favourite song that you can listen to again and again
  •       Mention any Indoor Game which you would like to play
  •       Describe an area of science you like or are interested in
  •       Describe a free time activity which you would like to do after studying or working


  •       Ambition that has been achieved now.
  •       Describe something as a Child which made you laugh.
  •       Share your experience as a team member.
  •       Describe any recent activity/ event which made you happy
  •       Any TV show that made you laugh
  •       Discuss any exciting or interesting thing you want to do


These are some of the cue cards that are mostly asked about events that happened in the past/present and might happen in future. A few cue card topics with answers can be of more use to many students.

  •       Talk about the Subject you studied at School


There were a total of six subjects in my class X. I enjoyed studying all the subjects but the subject that I enjoyed studying the most was English. My interest in the subject developed at the age of 10 when I was in class 4. My teachers have been excellent at teaching. They used to explain different chapters, poems, and grammar in an easy-to-understand manner.

I loved reciting poems and reading chapters during the English period. Later, I found grammar more interesting. Today, I use my spare time to read content in English online. Often while travelling I prefer reading books in English and thus, have improved my hold on vocabulary. The subject English has helped me improve my language skills and communicate effectively.

  •       Things you wish to purchase in the Future


I love to read, communicate and write on different topics. Writing has been one of my hobbies that later turned into a passion. I have made up my mind to choose writing as a career option. For the same, I have started referring to various topics in a range of domains popular in the business sector. My good vocabulary and skill in writing encouraged me to go for a career in writing. There is a need to have a personal laptop to offer my services to potential clients and practice in my spare time. So a laptop, mouse, chair, table, emergency light and USB light are the things on my priority list I wish to purchase in the near future. Thank you!

The above cue card topic with answers may help you become familiar with the task and do good preparation.


In these kinds of cue cards, the test takers are asked about their friend or a guide.

  •       Describe the person You Admire the most.
  •       Describe someone you like as your role model
  •       Describe one of your Family Member You Spend your maximum Time With
  •       Describe any of your Family Members
  •       Discuss an interesting conversation that you had with a stranger


Normally in these kinds of IELTS Cue cards, the test takers will be asked to talk about his/her family.

  •       Describe the members of Your Family
  •       Describe any important family event you are looking forward to
  •       Describe a family picnic/ tour organized by you.


These are the IELTS cue cards where the candidates are asked to talk about the places they love going to or have already visited in the past.

  •       Discuss the Place you remember well and where you want to go again.
  •       A country you want to travel to
  •       Describe a peaceful destination
  •       Describe a place where you go over the weekend


  •       Talk about a Project or Homework Assignment
  •       Describe your future goal
  •       Describe something that you want to get expertise in.


  •       Talk about an Occasion When You reached very late
  •       Describe a birthday party hosted by you.


  •       Mention any which has changed people’s life.
  •       Describe a particular day in your life when you were a teenager.


  •       Mention an interesting talk/ lecture you have heard
  •       Describe an interesting story that you have read recently

Other Important Cue Cards

  •       Discuss a Law on Women.
  •       Any recent film you watched in a cinema
  •       Any other Foreign Language you know
  •       Describe something you have learned to cook for someone special
  •       A Meal you enjoy the most with your friends
  •       Describe your skills
  •       Describe a Natural Landscape view
  •       Describe a bicycle tour
  •       Describe your favourite game
  •       Describe your last interview

Speaking module in IELTS is a module which is included to test the confidence level of the students. Many students feel afraid about the type of questions the examiner might ask them. Thus, it becomes difficult for them to give the answers and they take a while to speak. But a big pause in your answer might result in fewer scores.

Thus, it is advised to think about your answer first and finish them in the given time. For this, make sure you practice well by knowing some of the expected IELTS cue cards with answers. So, practice these cue cards, do not memorize the answer rather try to build your confidence level with practice.

For more information on the potential cue card topic with answer 2023, get in touch with the experts at Study Smart.

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