A Short Tour on the Crucial IELTS Writing Task

The popular International English Language Testing System has four modules. Each module is of utmost importance. So you are required to give equal weightage to all four. In this post, we have discussed in brief the IELTS writing module and information related to online coaching. Let us take a deep dive to understand in a better way. 

IELTS Writing – Introduction

The IELTS Writing test is included in the IELTS exam to assess the writing skills and techniques of the candidates. There are two kinds of IELTS Writing modules including IELTS Academic and General Training. The candidates planning to study abroad have to take up the IELTS Academic type while the ones planning to work abroad, have to take the IELTS General. 

In Writing Task 1 of the IELTS Academic exam, the test-takers are expected to pen down a summary of a minimum of 150 words in response to a given graph (bar, pie graph, or line), table, process, or chart. Through this task, the candidates’ ability to choose and report the primary features, the way they describe and compare data, look for significance and trends presented in the information provided, etc. are evaluated. While in Task 2, they are supposed to write an essay talking about their opinion and justifying the same. IELTS Writing Task 2 is the same for both, Academic and General Types.

About IELTS Academic Writing

The duration of IELTS Academic Writing is an hour and has 2 tasks that need to be completed within the allocated time. Although it is suggested to spend almost 20 minutes on task 1 and another 40 minutes on task 2, you can divide your time between two sections the way you prefer.

No. Task Minimum Words Recommended Time
Task 1 Describe a graph, chart, table, or diagram 150 words 20 minutes
Task 2 Write an essay presenting your opinion and justifying the same 250 words 40 minutes

Academic IELTS Writing Task 1

In this task, the candidates are supposed to describe/ summarize given data like a graph, diagram, process, chart, table, etc. They have to write a minimum of 150 words in this task.

IELTS Writing Task 2

IELTS Writing Task 2 is the same for Academic and General Test types. This task is more challenging and candidates are supposed to write an essay on a particular topic, mentioning their viewpoint and supporting it with proper arguments. The write-up must be a minimum of 250 words in this task.

The Tips to Follow while writing IELTS Writing Task

  • Summarizing facts or figures from graphic information

In case you are writing the IELTS test, then you need to compose a report by looking for the most important and relevant information and trends using the facts or figures mentioned in a chart, graph, tables, or a combination of such graphics. There are chances that you might be given a diagram of a machine, device, or process and you are asked to explain how it works. While other kinds of graphics can be two maps/ structural drawings of an area from various times mentioning changes that have happened in the past and you need to summarize the changes and differences in both the trends.

The method used by the test takers to respond successfully to any of these tasks is to understand the big picture. Look for the major trends, major parts or stages, and/or key differences that are shown in the graphics. Instead of mentioning all the data, look for the most important and relevant points only. Once you have guessed there are specific kinds of details you need to consider in the different graphics that appear on the test. Take the help of teachers at the IELTS writing online coaching for better understanding.

  • Charts, graphs, etc.

Generally, the graphs, charts, and tables show data comparisons at a particular point in time or compare data over a fixed period. While reporting on a graphic, the test-takers need to show that they have understood exactly what the data is about. In addition to giving a general summary regarding the data shown in the graphs, charts, or tables, try to figure out major changes like any significant highs and lows for each section. Also, look for similar points and/or differences and unique data that stand out as exceptional and mark an everlasting impression on the examiner.

  • Diagrams

In case you are given any diagram or diagrams, note down what is being produced or shown in the picture. The prompt will offer a general idea so use it in combination with what you see to write a description in your own words.

  • Maps

Maps usually come in pairs and show the changes and developments at a particular place and at a particular point in time. You must start by noting exactly what the maps depict and use the prompt while writing the same piece of information in your words. A good and useful way to do this task is to describe the main features of the first map and then use that description to observe the main changes in the second map.

Learn About the Right Writing Format

An efficient and fast method to organize the report lies in three main parts – an opening statement, overview, and detail paragraphs:

  •   The opening statement is the first paragraph where the test takers are expected to mention exactly what is being illustrated or compared in the graph, chart, table, diagram, or map. Prompts can be used in combination with the graphic but make sure that it is rewritten in your words.
  •   The overview must mention the important and relevant information and trends that are shown in the graphic.
  •   In the detail paragraphs, the test takers are expected to divide the information so that the trends identified in the overview can be seen with clarity. Information related to specifics here (dates, numbers, percentages, measurements, etc.) must be included here, and develop a logical approach while organizing these paragraphs.

About the Ways of Improving IELTS Writing Task

You can improve your IELTS writing scores in case you:

  •   Write an overview
  •   Use the available data/measurable/specific details while clarifying the important and major trends
  •   Include all key features.
  •   Mention only those facts that you have seen, don’t add any additional information that you might know but is not mentioned in the graphic. So, for instance, it would not be relevant to explain why you believe more men live in poverty when writing about the graph given above.
  •   The IELTS test takers are expected to use the correct format and it is also expected that the test takers will organize the summary in an acceptable and preferred format.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned information will help in scoring high in the IELTS task and by practicing more IELTS Writing you can get a good score. Try to make each attempt a real test condition while practicing but try to limit yourself to 20 minutes only. While preparing for the IELTS writing, preparing according to the time and staying motivated are the key factors that can help you reach your goal. To stay organized while preparing for the test, refer to a trusted IELTS writing online coaching institute like Study Smart that can help you prepare smartly. 

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