Application Letters for Colleges Abroad – X Tips and Best Practices

Application Letters for Colleges Abroad - X Tips and Best Practices

Seeking admission to a college or a university abroad requires student to follow the predefined admission process, submit the essential documents, along with the demanded application letters. While applying abroad, most of the programs require an official college application letter, letter of recommendation (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), etc. Unlike other documentation, application letters plays a vital role in the complete process of admission and hence it is necessary for student to ensure their application contains the required information and the shared information is true. The shared information needs to be in an easy to understand language with no grammatical errors and irrelevant information.

Though an application form is submitted online, a cover letter for university application is mostly a one-page letter disclosing the reasons why the candidate wants to study in a different country and the objective. An appropriately written and convincing motivation letter helps students in starting a new exciting journey of studying in one of the top universities in abroad. Writing a college application letter requires student to have good command on the English language, effective writing skills, and good convincing power.

Let us learn about cover letter for university application and the ways to write an effective cover letter/application letter for university admission abroad.  

How to write a college application letter?

A well drafted college application letter need to have the key essentials included. Students can seek assistance of their friend or the professional counsellors at Study Smart to have a clarification on the different aspects of application letter writing. Student have to justify and need to convince university for higher studies and the course student is interested in. It is a good idea to mention the name of the university.

  •       Briefly mention all the reasons, talk about experience, from work to study experience, and/or academic qualifications.
  •       Ask for a request.
  •       Make the write-up easy to understand.
  •      Also mention address. In addition to student mailing address, write an accurate e-mail address, phone number, and other essential details.

12 Tips on Application Letter for Colleges and Universities Abroad

  1. Research well about application
  2. Format cover letter correctly
  3. Look for a name to address
  4. Commence with an impactful introduction
  5. Mention academic results and achievements
  6. Include key projects and work experiences
  7. Include relevant information and mention application purpose
  8. Keep the application brief
  9. Highlight your skills and certifications
  10. Close application with a proper conclusion
  11. Prepare the required LOR, SOP, or personal statement
  12. Collect all the necessary documents that include the following –
  • References letter
  • Identification documents
  • Academic transcripts and degrees
  • Personal statements
  • C.V / Resume
  • Certificates of extracurricular activities
  • Score sheet of language tests
  • Proof of professional work experience

Importance of cover letter for university admission

A college application letter is a document that focuses on the student’s suitability for admission to a particular program. A well-written letter highlights the student’s characteristics, qualities, capabilities, skills, and work ethics. In case student is applying for courses like MBA, MS, Computer Science, etc. also make sure to include a letter of recommendation.
The Different types of LORs include:

Types of Letters: LORs

There are three kinds of, including academic recommendations, employment recommendations, and character recommendations.

An overview of each kind of recommendation letter is mentioned below:

Academic Recommendation Letters

Most students taking admission in a particular course are asked for these kinds of recommendations. Most colleges or universities offering admission to students for undergraduate and graduate courses ask for Academic Recommendation Letters. Each student is supposed to produce at least two or three letters of recommendation.

Information about the student, work achievements, character references, and personal details is recommended. These recommendations can be taken by school teachers, principals, coaches, and other education professionals who guided students in the past and are well aware of their academic skills. Many students make mistake while writing collage application letter which is not good. Writing an incorrect application letter can result in rejection of your admission application.

Employment Recommendations

Students planning to get a new job are supposed to produce letters of recommendation. Also working professionals willing to continue studies or to do specialized courses need to submit LOR from employers if demanded by the university students have chosen for their studies overseas. Information like the candidate’s employment history, job performance, work ethic, etc. is mentioned in the cover letter for university admission. Most of the time employment recommendations are written by former (or current employers) or a direct project manager. It is advisable to carry at least three career references to showcase qualities in the most desirable way.

Character References

These kinds of letters of recommendation are mainly required while opting for housing accommodations, legal situations, child adoption, and some situations where the other party must know all the accurate details about a person’s character. Character recommendation letters are mostly written by ex-employers, landlords, known ones in business, neighbours, etc.

The Essential Things to Know While Applying

Why Do You Want to Study Abroad?

The first and the foremost question that student must be well prepared for this question, why you want to study abroad and not in your home country. Though it seems to be an obvious question, student must know the reasons for studying abroad as it makes a huge impact on university.

Don’t Say:

  •       I only wanted to move out of my home country.
  •       I want to get married and settle “international.”
  •       My relatives went abroad, so I also wanted to try it.

Rather, Say:

  •       I want to develop my skills, both personally and professionally, and get an international learning experience.
  •       I wanted to know the country’s new culture, history, and language and explore the same.
  •       I strongly believe that I am a perfect fit for a program that invites students from all over the world.
  •       I wanted to learn new mythology of studying.

How much Abroad Experience do you have?

When selecting international students, most recruiters know that it might be not be the right course for everyone. By choosing an international student with no experience and being far from home, universities don’t want to take the risk and thus don’t select someone who is not ready to live abroad and might quit the program in between the course.
Thus, while getting interviewed, never say that – “I’m are not sure how things will go on”. Also regarding international traveling, never say that I have travelled earlier but it was a bad experience.

Rather Say

  •       Although I have never lived or studied abroad before, I love travelling and exploring new traditions. Say that I’m look for an opportunity to expand my skills.
  •       Being a learner, I always look forward to meet new challenges and studying independently abroad.

 What is a Statement of Purpose?

Many universities ask applicants to write an essay mentioning students personal and academic skills and why choosing the particular program. While writing a personal and academic statement, it is important to mention what student wanted to learn by doing the universities program and how it will provide student with an international study abroad experience. The personal and academic statement must be written on letter-size paper and run between 1 to 2 pages in length.

Student can explore online for detailed information. Student can alternatively also consult the professional academic counselors at Study Smart Overseas Education study centres located in Pune, Delhi, Surat, and other cities in India.

Letter Sample 1

June 1, 2022
XYZ Language School, London

Personal Statement by Anubhav

My name is Anubhav. I am writing this letter explaining my reason for applying to your prestigious university. I am looking forward to working as an international specialist at a renowned organization. I wanted to pursue MBA in London to earn an international degree to fulfill my career goal.
I have completed my BBA degree from IP University based in my home country India. Pursuing MBA from your university provides students like me with a variety of international education opportunities including intensive English courses, internship programs, etc. Also, I wanted to improve my English skills and learn about a new culture.
I am applying to your business school for many reasons. First, your regular program will give me the opportunity to apply and study in London. Secondly, the program offered at your university has a very good reputation. Lastly, the fewer students: teacher ratio encourages me to apply there.
I strongly believe XYZ is the ideal place for me to fulfill my academic goals.
Yours Sincerely,

Sample Letter 2

I am interested in pursuing graduate studies in Political Science from your international university. I have obtained my B.A. degree from XYZ University last year. I would greatly appreciate you sending me application materials, such as course details, financial aid options, and employment opportunities for foreign graduate students. Please provide all the details at the mentioned address.


The majority of the students are being asked to write a cover letter for admission in university during their entire professional career. Whether student is writing a Letter of Recommendation, collage application letter, or something else, it’s vital to know all the basics of writing an effective letter.

To know more about the tricks of writing a cover letter for university application, get in touch with the experts at Study Smart in India.

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