Study Abroad is a dream come true for many students. However, when it comes to working towards the same, it sometimes becomes a nightmare for the students due to what they learn about it from people around. It may be a vast process when it comes to applying to the universities, but with proper guidance and support, IT CAN BECOME A VERY EASY PROCESS.

After having counseled thousands of students for their overseas education, it has been observed by our study abroad consultants that there are a few mistakes, which are most commonly committed by the students, when they are applying with universities to Study Abroad. Below are the 6 most common mistakes made by the students while preparing their applications for universities, which can be easily avoided

1. No amount of research is ever enough. 

The more you read, the more knowledge you gain. Research is the most crucial aspect while planning to apply for studying abroad. Universities everywhere have a lot of diversity of courses available with various outcomes leading to a successful career. Knowing your subjects or course of interest helps you choose the right university out of the thousands in the world. It also makes one aware of what the university has to offer apart from academics as it is one of the most important things in an overall experience while studying abroad.

2. Plan your application well in advance or consult with a Study Abroad Consultant.

Proper planning makes the further path very easy as the things eventually fall in place through it. Unlike Indian institutes, the universities abroad open their applications well in advance and having a timeline to apply as they give enough time to the students for their process.  It is always advised to apply for a minimum of 3 to maximum 5 universities you consider the best for your course of choice. Thus giving you an option to choose when the offers come in. If you are sure to go abroad for higher education, it is best to apply when the time is right. Your overseas education counselor will keep you updated all the time about the deadlines to keep you on track with the applications, as there is a long way ahead after that.

3. Put your best foot forward.

The most common mistake a student makes in writing an SOP is to bragging much about their profile.  The only way of your first communication with the universities is a Statement of Purpose. The university will know you by what you write in your SOP. Overseas Universities are always looking for a diverse profile of a student for their universities. Be it academic or extracurricular like sport, music, theatre or drama, everything not only adds to your profile but also gives the boost to your application making it more attractive to the university. And having a recommendation from the correct person is an icing on the cake as it highlights your SOP eventually leading to high chances of positive response from the University.

4. Considering Tuition fees as the only Expense.

While setting a budget, there are a lot of things to be considered financially. Accommodation, food, life style, everything has to be taken into consideration while budgeting to have a smooth transition from one country to another and helps you settle properly in the new country. It is advised to keep an eye on the scholarships available at the university as it gives you concession in the fees amount which can be useful for many other expenses. It is important to plan your budget before you commit to study abroad. A good overseas education consultant in Delhi can advise you on the budget required to study abroad.

5. Taking Job search for Granted.

It is only in India that the students can rely on the universities for the jobs and placement after graduation. Abroad universities extend their support to be job ready but expect you to make the initiative in looking and grabbing the best job possible. It is always advised to give it a few months on arriving in the new country to get a job as the most important thing is to settle and be comfortable to the new environment. It gives you the needed time to make connections that will eventually help you to widen your job search range and reach out to maximum employers. Your Study Abroad consultant in Pune or Delhi will be in a good position to advise you on job opportunities abroad after you finish your studies.

6. No Back-Up Plan.

We plan many things in our life but it rarely happens for all of them to come true. Studying abroad as we say is a dream come true. It may happen that the planned application may not be successful or your desired university may not accept you, but it doesn’t mean that it the end of the world. Keeping back up options and having other plans ready always comes handy in these situations and helps you keep moving forward. Most Study Abroad consultants always advise students to apply in 2 countries for backup and also apply to 3-4 universities.

How can Study Smart, a Top Overseas Education Consultant in Delhi, Help for Studying Abroad? 

Study Smart Overseas Education and IELTS coaching is a certified and premier Overseas Education Consultants with offices in Pune, Delhi, Thane and Surat. We offer various services to students looking to Study Abroad.

Counseling and Guidance for students looking to Study Abroad?

We furnish guidance and assistance to the students for their applications and admission procedures for overseas education, beginning with profiling, helping students in selecting the right course, country, and universities suitable for their profile followed by the application process and getting the offer letter of admission from the universities. Furthermore, our study abroad consultants in Pune assist the students in decision making to finalize the country and the university where they would like to pursue their higher education. Our Overseas Education consultants in Delhi extend the support for the Visa application process along with pre and post-departure support. We have our presence in Auckland as well as London where we have student support offices; the students can reach out to us whenever they require any help or assistance while being in a different country. We provide all our services for admission to many Top Ranked Universities. We understand you may have queries and concerns regards to moving to a different country. Our Study Abroad Consultants have either Studied or worked abroad. You can reach out to our skilled team of Study Abroad Consultants in Pune, Delhi, Thane, or Surat for any guidance or assistance required. Our student-oriented and friendly team of Study Abroad Consultants would happily assist you on the entire process along with the financials included and scholarships available in universities in any country you may be interested for and will also help you with accommodations available. In short, you can rely on our team of overseas education consultants for accurate and relevant information when it comes to studying in top universities.


IELTS Coaching For Students Looking To Study Abroad?

We offer the best ONLINE IELTS coaching as well as classroom coaching for IELTS Test preparation as it is the essential proficiency test to enter into any country. It is also one of the entry requirements for Studying Overseas. The LIVE ONLINE IELTS Coaching rendered is at par with the classroom training with advanced training tools and equipments to teach with. Our students have the same experience in the LIVE ONLINE Coaching as that of the classroom as they have an interactive session with the faculty and fellow students during the online training. We have considered every aspect of the IELTS exam while designing our LIVE ONLINE training course for IELTS. Our Live Online IELTS Coaching provides interactive training sessions, recorded videos of the lectures with weekly practice tests. Our online student portal has more than 250 lessons and quizzes for self-practice covering each and every topic of IELTS, tips & tricks, informatory videos, self-evaluating module-wise mock test, and full-length test.

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