The Balancing Act – Working Part time While Studying Abroad

Working While Studying Abroad

Your visa has been okayed. Tickets booked. Bags packed. And you fly to a new world altogether. If you are lucky enough to pursue a goal of studying abroad, your excitement has just begun. It is a new country, new people. You are far away from home. On your own. And that is a heady level of independence. You might have read all the manuals. You might have talked to all the counsellors available in your locality and still… still, there will always be that element of mystique that pumps the adrenaline. You will never have known too much. You will never know too much. Unless you experience it yourself.


All through your R’n’D about studying overseas, there will be that tantalizing prospect of working while you study. Who lets you do that in India along with a regular course? And, chances are high, that you might even be looking forward to it. It should be good, right? Well, here is the catch- it can be just the distraction that messes everything up. To twist the famous saying- With great independence comes an even greater responsibility. Before you are pumped-up about working, have a read here.


Why you should work:

  • You will already have a work-experience by the time you finish your course.
  • You will be able to manage your own expenditure- no extra stress upon your loan or family finances.
  • If your plans are of staying-back, then it is a great way to network yourself- you will make connections that will help you in finding a full time job.


Why you should be careful:

  • You are there to study. Your grades will, eventually, crawl inside your final marksheet. Moreover, if you have spent so much money on tuition abroad, might as well attend classes and do the coursework. Right?
  • Do not get too caught-up in university-work-repeat cycle. You are in a new part of the world. Go, explore.
  • While the work-experience you gain will never be negligible, it is your degree that will be taking you other places. Perhaps even better places.


Ultimately, it boils down to your own judgment. If you have a test to study for, you can study for a while and still manage to visit an art gallery, perhaps. Or, if you choose a concert over good grades, nobody can say a thing. Can they? The thing is- if you are going abroad for your education, you need to have a levelled head on those shoulders. It is not climbing a mountain or rocket science. You just have to be smart enough to figure out what will be good for you. That said, do not hesitate to take risks and have fun by any means.


Oh, and if we can help you find a university abroad, to begin with, let us know.



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