Top 10 Best Universities to Study in UK (2022-2023)

UK has been the 2nd most preferred study destination for international students to pursue their higher education; reasons are numerous. UK is home to some of the oldest and finest universities and is one of the most recognised educational system in the world. The country has best universities for almost every course and has one the most advanced way of delivering education. When given options of choosing from a huge number universities to choose from, everyone undoubtedly will look out for best universities to study in UK.  To help you simplify your search, below are the list of the 10 best universities in UK that that are planning to Study Abroad in UK can target as per their rankings and student experiences.


So Here is the list of the 10 Best Universities in UK

1. University of Oxford –Oxford, UK 

It is a dream to study in University of Oxford for most of the international students. There is no doubt about the prestige of the university as to what it has to offer, not just in terms of academics but also the life experience one gets in their student life. Renowned personalities like Stephen HawkingManmohan SinghIndira GandhiRowan Atkinson and many more are Oxford Graduates. Yet again, the university has been ranked no.1 in UK for 2020-2021.

2. University of Cambridge – Cambridge, UK

Ranked 2nd in the UK for academic year 2020-21, University of Cambridge is the world’s 4th oldest surviving university, having its roots related to University of Oxford. Issac NewtonCharles DarwinRajeev GandhiSrinivasa Ramanujan and many other great personalities have studied and graduated from University of Cambridge. University of Cambridge is highly ranked university not only for its academics but also for its employer reputation.

3. University College London – London, UK

Ranked 3rd in UK, UCL is a well known university for its global impact and academic excellence. Known for its science, engineering and health courses, UCL is home to more than 38000 students out of which 40% and above are international students

4. Imperial College London – London, UK 

Located in one of the best cities in the world, London, ICL is known worldwide for its excellent courses in science, medicine, engineering and business. Ranked 4th in the UK for academic year 2020-21, is a traditional public research university. Imperial College London has a remarkable employer reputation, and also its international students and employee ratio is a factor which makes it a desirable study destination.

5.University of Edinburgh – Edinburgh, UK 

University of Edinburgh is the world’s 6th oldest and Scotland’s ancients university. It is the only Scottish University to enter the Top 10 list. While the university offers free education to Scottish students, the students from other parts of  UK and any other country bear fees to study here.  Alexander Graham BellJ.K. RowlingCharles Darwin are some of the notable alumni form University of Edinburgh.

6.University of Manchester – Manchester, UK 

Having made some notable improvements in their academics and research, University of Manchester has come a long way and has been ranked 6th in the country. Manchester is one of the liveliest and happening city and has a lot offer to students for their life ling experiences. The university is home to more than 11000 international students, from outside EU.

7. King’s College London-London, UK

Located in the heart of London, KCL has been ranked in the Top 10 universities in UK for 2020-21.KCL is well known for its medical education and is home to oldest nursing home that is still operational.  The location and the course offerings of KCL have been one of best reasons for the international students to apply and pursue their higher education here.

8. London School of Economics and Political Sciences – London, UK

Every aspirant for economic or political science course wishes to study at LSE. It has the best libraries for social sciences in the entire world. Being located in central London, LSE also holds a high employer reputation along with Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial.

9. University of Bristol – Bristol, UK 

Having moved 2 spots up and entering the list of top 50, University of Bristol has been a home to a lot of international students and faculties since a year. University of Bristol is also a part of the Russell Group for its contribution in global research

10. University of Warwick

University of Warwick is the esteemed Russell Group University is among the last in the list of 10 best universities in the UK.  The graduated from Warwick rank in the top 10 highest earnings in more than 10 subjects.

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