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Study abroad in Belfast, UK

Belfast is the political and economic capital of Northern Ireland in UK. It is located approximately 106 miles from Dublin. It is a cosmopolitan destination with an estimated population of 300,000 people. It is an outstanding spot for a weekend getaway in UK. Some of the notable places located in Belfast are The Titanic Belfast, The Giant’s Causeway that is a UNESCO heritage site, Crumlin Road Gaol- an “ A” graded jail of the 19th century and The Belfast City Hall to name a few. This is the city that inspired the great Hollywood movies like The Chronicles of Narnia and Gulliver’s Travels.

Belfast – A Sneak Peek!

Belfast does have a troubled past however with the signing of The Good Friday Agreement in 1998, things have immensely changed today. In fact, most of the political violence here has evaporated making the city safe for students and travelers across the globe. It is the fourth best city for you to live in the UK as per the Observer and the Guardian travel awards. It is a cultural meeting point for Britain and Ireland.


The city is known for its optimism and there are a host of new bars, restaurants, shops and clubs here. The rates are affordable and you will find them welcoming to tourists and students. The city has an air of Edwardian and Victorian heritage and it has been making efforts to restore historical buildings. This means when you walk down the city, you will find that the buildings have amazing architecture typical to the Northern Irish culture. It is cheaper and rewarding to its peer Dublin that is often expensive to most travelers and students.


Belfast is also known for its international music scenario. You will find global bands and artists performing on a regular basis at The Belfast Waterfront and The Odyssey Arena. As a student or a tourist, you can explore the land and take a cultural tour with bus and taxi rides. They are affordable and take you around to notable sight-seeing spots in the land.


Belfast has a number of reputed academic institutions for higher studies. Students from India and across the world come here annually to study at reputed names like Queen’s University, Belfast Metropolitan College, St. Mary’s University College to name a few. The following YouTube link will give you an insight into the city and its modern culture-



If you plan to study in Belfast, you should consult overseas study consultants for Ireland who will help you with your concerns and queries. The city is safe for international students and you have the scope to kick-start a global career when you opt to study in Northern Ireland!

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