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Study abroad in Bristol, UK

Located in South West England lies a cosmopolitan and vibrant city named Bristol. This fine city attracts thousands of students from Britain and all over the globe. With Beautiful architecture, old historic buildings, Breweries and clubs – Bristol is known to be one of the most laid back cities of all time. This city has a vibrant culture and thrives on music, art and theatre. Staying in Bristol puts you just 2 hours away from London gives you a chance of being surrounded by scenery and landscapes. Devon, Wales, Cotswolds and Cornwall lie in the heart of Bristol and are known for its greenery and natural beauty. The ambience of Bristol city has that old world mixed with a new natural feel.

Why Choose Bristol?

Bristol is one of the most laid back cities of all time and here are some of the reasons why Bristol should be your next destination –



From Michelin-rated restaurants to multi-cuisine eateries, Bristol has it all. This city is known for the wide range of eateries and the various choices of cuisines it has to offer. With dedicated food producers and creative chefs the dining experience in Bristol is lip-smacking and makes one want to come back for more.



Bristol boasts of great nightclubs and pubs which have a special atmosphere and are geared for people to drink, dance and enjoy. Some of these pubs and nightclubs also play host to bands who perform live music.


Events And Festivals

Bristol is a city where there is always something to do on the weekend due to the number of events and festival on show. In 2010 this city was named as the most musical city in United Kingdom. Colston Hall is the largest hall in Bristol where music, dance and theatre events are on display. Furthermore there are various festivals every now and then in this city.


Natural Beauty

The city if Bristol is known for its natural beauty and open spaces. This city has over 450 parks and is an absolute treat for green enthusiasts. The ambience of Bristol city has that old world mixed with a new natural feel.


Top Universities

With top notch Universities, Bristol is a fantastic place for overseas education. University of Bristol, Trinity College, University if the West of England and City of Bristol College are some of the top educational institutions in Bristol. Some of the courses offered by universities in Bristol rank within the top 100 courses in the world. The Universities in Bristol offer a wide range of courses and have state of the art facilities.


The following Youtube link will give you an overview of Bristol City


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