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Study abroad in Cambridge, UK

United Kingdom is known for its high quality educational system as well as historical value. Oxford and Cambridge are the first names that come to your mind when you think of quality academic education across the globe. When it comes to Cambridge, it is a popular tourist spot and study destination in the UK. It is also known as the “University City” and attracts students from all parts of the globe. The city is picturesque and known for beautiful daffodils and crocuses. There are lush green open spaces and cattle grazing sights just 500 yards from the market square. Some of the wonderful places worth visiting are the Brooke, Newton, May Balls, Rutherford and Byron.

Unraveling The Glorious City Of Cambridge

Cambridge is a historical city known for its Gothic architecture and the amazing view of King’s College Chapel from the River Cam. You will find students cycling to lectures and some doing punting on the River Cam on lazy summer afternoons. The world famous University of Cambridge is known across the world and it is one of the most acknowledged centers for technological excellence.

An Insight In to The Academic Culture Of Cambridge

Founded in the 13th century by eminent scholars who left Oxford after they had a dispute with the town folk there. They chose Cambridge because it was a peaceful and quiet place to study. The city is known for educating many founders of Harvard University- the famous University of the USA. The well- known alumni of Cambridge consists of eminent personalities like Lord Byron, John Milton, Sir Isaac Newton, Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein. Cambridge was the major site for the famous Nuclear Physics project called the Crick and Watson’s DNA work. Ex- students from Cambridge have won the most Nobel Prizes over students from other Universities in the world.

Recreation With Education At Cambridge

If you like sight-seeing on weekends you will be treated with ancient monuments, towns and heritage villages. You should not miss out seeing the grand monuments of Peterborough, Elv and Grantchester. Over 3.5 million people come to this famous city every year to see the delights of this famous city in the UK. You can also go for leisure walks and be around the hills in the countryside that has been untouched by industry. Forbes Magazine has claimed that Cambridge is the “one of the most beautiful cities in the world” in 2009. The Lonely Planet Guide Book has glorified the stunning views of Cambridge too. To check out this beautiful city yourself , check out the following YouTube link below-


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