Destination Of The Week – Cardiff, UK

Cardiff, UK- An Insight

Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and the tenth largest city in the UK. This Capital city is the nation’s commercial hub where you will find sporting and cultural institutions.


Cardiff is an amazing city complete with major attractions to hold your attention. Here you will be able to get sport, entertainment and culture blended together. People are drawn to this splendid city from across the whole of UK and the world. There are so many things to do to spoil yourself. At Cardiff, you may choose from doing activities that include visiting historic houses, exploring wildlife or simply enjoying water sports.

Spoil Yourself To Glory!

If you are fond of entertainment and arts, Cardiff will spoil you tremendously. Here, you may catch up with the entertainment scene that features ballet, musicals, live music and more. You can explore the astonishing museums, galleries galore with modern art. If you like opera, there is no dearth of performances here. The seating arrangements are adequate to suit everyone- right from halls to accommodate thousands to small cozy set-ups. In short, Cardiff is a city that will suit each and every taste.


If you have just set foot in Cardiff, you may explore the city with a little bit of guidance. Opting for someone else taking the lead is a smart choice. You may take a guided tour and check out some of the most amazing sight- seeing places that you may not have ever come across. Exploring Cardiff with a guide will actually help you learn about the city. There are interesting stories and facts that you will discover and learn. Here you will learn about culture, Welsh culture with some focus on wildlife too.


Cardiff is home to 4 major globally known academic institutions in the world. These institutions are centres for higher education and are Cardiff University-one of the top universities in UK, University of South Wales, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama. International students from across the globe come here regularly to study in them. The environment here is very student friendly and welcoming. The following YouTube link will give you an overview of Cardiff-


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