Destination of the Week – Montreal, Canada

Study Abroad In Canada- Montreal

When you have decided to study in Canada, you cannot afford to ignore Montreal on your list of choices. This popular destination has some of the most reputed & top universities in Canada. Some of them are McGill University, Montreal University, Herzing College and more. If you are looking for a unique academic and study experience in Canada, Montreal is the place for you. This destination is not only academic but it is cultural as well.

Top Reasons To Opt For Montreal For Foreign Studies

Montreal is known for its low costs of living and high quality of education. Moreover, the reputation of the academic institutions here are second to none. You will find Montreal having four French and English Universities. The destination has many vocational schools and CEGEPs (Collège d’Enseignement Général et Professionnel) as well. This means you have a host of options available to you. You are bound to find the right course for yourself. When you are studying in Montreal, your CEGEP College or University is a centre of valuable reference to you. Another interesting fact of Montreal is that every year there are over 25,000 international students coming here to study. The environment for foreign students is safe. The city is vibrant and has many attractions for you. Moreover, the opportunity of interacting with fellow students from across the globe is also an exciting proposition for students who have a modern approach to education.

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Career Prospects After Studies In Montreal, Canada

The best part of studying in Montreal, Canada is that you can work while you are an international student. This will also open the doors to a lucrative career option in Canada. There are work permit programs that allow international students to work when they are not studying and off-campus. You are able to earn money, gain valuable work experience in Montreal, make new friends and also build professional contacts with success!

In Montreal, you will find many international students working part-time and you will get jobs in the retail, wholesale, accommodation and food industries here. After you have received your degree or diploma, you have the option to apply to reputed companies not only in Canada but across the globe. The degrees and diplomas you receive from the top universities in Montreal have international certification. If you wish to stay on in Canada, you may apply for residency status. However, if you wish, you can always return to your native land as well.

Things to consider before you study overseas in Canada – Check with Study Abroad Consultants For Canada

Studying abroad in Canada means you have to be fully informed on procedures and processes. This also includes study/work visas and admission to colleges in Canada. The Internet will give you the information you are seeking but to be accurate, you should opt for credible study abroad consultants for Canada who will guide you correctly and remove much of your stress. When you opt for these consultants, ensure you check their reputation and track records.

Bank On Reputed Overseas Education Consultants For Canada- Study Smart

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