Destination Of The Week – Newcastle, UK

Study abroad in Newcastle, UK

There are several students who leave their hometown every year to study in UK. When it comes to foreign study destinations
for the Indian student, Newcastle is an inviting place. Newcastle as a city is one of the UK’s most vibrant and welcoming
student cities. Indian students, who want high quality education and student friendly environment, love the city to pursue
their dreams and aspirations. The university also provides specific scholarships to Indian and overseas student to help them
pursue their favorite courses.


Newcastle in UK is one of the nation’s welcoming and vibrant cities for students. If you are looking for high quality
education and a student friendly academic environment, this is the place to opt for. You will fall in love with the major
attractions of the city as it is a place where you can effectively pursue your dreams and pursue all your favorite academic


Newcastle is a very lively and diverse city known for his energetic night life, sports, music and art. The city is small,
welcoming and very friendly. Newcastle is a prime centre of culture in the UK and is known for its Geordie Culture. It is
famous for its rich heritage of dance and folk music. You will also find that the people in Newcastle speak with a unique
dialect distinct from the rest of England. If you are fond of tours you will find this city to be the starting point for
Hadrian Wall and Northumberland Tours.


Newcastle also houses some of the top universities in UK. The famous ones are-

  • The Newcastle University- This academic institution is one of the most respected and important institutions for research in Europe and UK. Students come here for medical and historical research. This Institution is also known for its Museum of Antiquities. It is a small museum open to the public.
  • Northumbria University- If you are fond of IT, fashion and design, this University is the ideal place for you.
  • Newcastle College- This is one of the best colleges in UK,known for it’s A level, performing arts, science, food and leisure courses. Its campus is located on Rye Hill.

Newcastle was founded almost 2000 years back and was a Roman Fort named Ons Aelius beside Hadrian’s Wall- remnants of its ruins still are found at Segedunum that is a short walk from the Wallsend Metro Station. Newcastle was also the hub of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries however it took a dip when the fortunes of heavy industry declined. Now, this city has been recreated and is one of the trendiest cities in the UK. When you study overseas in UK, you will find rich Georgian Architecture here with Grey Street being the “most beautiful street in the world”. To know more on Newcastle, Please visit the YouTube link below:




When you have decided to study in top colleges in UK, it is important for you to consult study overseas consultants before you leave. They will give you an accurate insight into your future stint abroad and help you in relevant procedures.

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