Destination of The Week – Nottingham, UK

Study abroad in Nottingham, UK

UK is known for its famous and ancient tourist spots that woo people from across the world. One such tourist destination in the UK is Nottingham. Nottingham in UK is known for the legend Robin Hood however besides his tales, you can experience many significant tourist attractions when you decide to come here. You can visit the nearby Sherwood Forest and experience history once again of castles that have been ripped by the Civil War and the remnants of industry around Nottingham City.

Major attractions for you to visit in Nottingham

Nottingham is known for its culture and is the capital for shopping especially when you are on a break from city life. It houses some of the best shopping centres of the UK. If you are fond of food and drinks, you can visit the bars and restaurants in the region. It sports a compact city center that has free wi-fi spots along with an organized tram system that will help you get around. There are several hotels in Nottingham where you can stay – you will find both boutique and budget hotels here. The best part of Nottingham is that when you come to the region you will always be guaranteed a warm welcome. It is centrally located and makes your break an outstanding success.

Major sight- seeing places for you to visit in Nottingham

The major sight-seeing places you can visit in Nottingham are The Galleries of Justice Museum, Nottingham Castle, City of Caves, the historic Malt Cross and Nottingham Playhouse. The region is ideal for a weekend getaway. The following YouTube link will give you an insight on the city of Nottingham in UK-

If you are studying in the UK, Nottingham is surely a place for you to visit. It is one of the oldest cities in the UK and a must visit if you are there in the nation as a student. You should be aware of the correct procedures and processes when it comes to college or university admissions when you decide to study in UK.

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Destination Of The Week – Nottingham, UK