Destination Of The Week – Sheffield, UK

Study abroad in Sheffield, UK

Sheffield in Yorkshire, UK is known as the “happiest city of the UK”. It faces tough competition from its equally famous peers like Cardiff, Brighton and Edinburgh. Given below are the top reasons why Sheffield is a popular destination in the UK and why you should stay here for studies or work-

  • Get peace, winter bliss and see the botanical gardens here– This city is “green” and boosts of architecture of a very high level at The Winter Garden. Here, you can visit the largest temperate glasshouse at the city centre in Europe. Another attractive feature you cannot afford to miss here is The Peace Gardens. It has some spectacular water features and fountains. You will also be exposed to a large collection or shrubs and trees. The amazing glass pavilions you find here date back to 1836.
  • Museums at Weston Park & Kelham Island– Here, you are able to come across Egyptian Mummies, traditional butcher shops, live bees and Snowy- the polar bear. In short, you are able to find a rare and odd combination of treasures once you step inside here. The Kelham Island Museum stands on a unique man-made island and was opened in 1982. It gives you an insight into some innovative developments and evolution of industry with the Sheffield Simplex Car that was built in 1920.
  • Yorkshire Artspace and Millenium Gallery– If you have the knack for visual arts, crafts and design you must visit this famous spot in the heart of the city. It will transport you into a different world altogether.

Interesting facts about Sheffield, UK

There are some really interesting and fun-loving facts about Sheffield. Read on to find them out:


  • Sheffield is a very “sweet” city: Here you will find the famous Bassett Confectionary mascot. He has been created by Liquorice Allsorts and wears the attractive top hat. He hails from Sheffield.
  • It is a musical city: Icons from the music industry like Def Leppard, Two Cockers , Pulp and the Arctic Monkeys were born in Sheffield.
  • Theatre: Sheffield is the host city to the most important snooker event- Crucible that accommodates just 980 people. The setting here is very intimate and this is why it is popular today.
  • Entertainment: It was at the Sheffield University that famous comedian Eddie Izzard came from. He dumped a future in accountancy to become a comedian- good call and a gift to the entertainment industry. The famous actor Sean Bean is also from Sheffield.
  • Robin Hood– Yes, the famous Robin Hood actually hails from Sheffield. Though he is popular for his good deeds in Nottingham, Sheffield is the place where he belongs to. Many people do not know this!


The following YouTube link will give you a tour around the famous city of Sheffield


Studying in Sheffield?

International students from across the world come to Sheffield on a regular basis to pursue their higher studies here. When students study in UK, Sheffield is one of their first choices. Some of the top universities in UK are located here. Study overseas consultants in your native land will give you an accurate insight into study abroad in UK facts and how to get admissions into top colleges in UK.

Study Smart – Study Abroad in UK

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