Destination Of The Week – Southampton, UK

Study abroad in Southampton, UK

Southampton is known as the “Cruise Capital of Europe” and it is host to more than 4 million visitors a year. It is full of culture and when you visit the city, you will find there are a wide offering of music venues, art galleries, museums and award winning parks for you to visit when you are in the region.


The city is diverse and a treat to people who love shopping as well. There are many shopping centers here for you to get attractive things to take back home. In short, this interesting city has the ability to give you everything you want. There are plenty of things to keep you occupied and interested in.

Engage Yourself In Southampton, England.

The city also has unique musical and comedy venues to keep you occupied when you are in the city. Southampton is known as the greenest city in the South of England and the Southampton Common boosts more than 300 acres of lush flora and fauna for you to take in.


If you are fond of sports, you will get the freedom to cheer the Saints at a football match and watch cricket matches in the city. Several city events and activities take place on a regular basis here and you may attend any one of them if you feel like. You may also take part in the guided walks covering the Old Town and get invaluable insight into the glorious history of the city at The Sea City Museum or The Tudor House & Garden. The Titanic Walk and The QE2 Mile are the self-guided trails that you might explore on your own if you wish to.

Travel And Transport

One of the biggest benefits of Southampton is its convenient location on the southern coast of England. This means the transport facilities here are good and impressive. Southampton has both national and global links by rail, sea, road and air. It is located approximately 75 miles from London and 21 miles from the Channel ports. This means it is one of the ideal cities for breaks and stops for both cruise and air passengers that are on their way for further travel.


It is an ideal place for international students to live. There are good academic institutions here and the environment is very warm and friendly. The following YouTube link will give you a detailed insight into Southampton as a popular city in UK-



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