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Study abroad in York, UK

York is the ancient capital of Yorkshire. It is one of the most famous cities in the medieval world. If you visit the city today, you will still see its ancient walls encircling the city. The high pinnacles of York Minster – the grand Gothic Church in North Europe is located in this city.

York- An ancient City You Will Love In UK

If you take a walk though this ancient city, you will find narrow streets. They are complete with chic cafes and shops. The river has trees along its banks and if you are fond of galleries and museums here, you will never be disappointed. Different cultures have ruled the city and this makes it one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

A Glimpse Into The History Of York

The city dates back to AD 71. It started as a fortress built by the Roman 9th Legion against a dominant tribe called The Brigantes. Gradually it grew into a salient city and later became known as Eboracum. York was ruled by Constantine The Great who was the founder of Constantinople. This was in 306 AD. Later the Vikings named the city York after the name Yorwik or Jorwik.


With the passage of time, The Normans arrived to rule the city. They were the longest rulers and they made York an important centre of the Government. Commerce and religion flourished here and it became a significant region for Northern England. When the Tudors arrived here, York was at its pinnacle of success.


Prosperity ruled and the work on the grand Minster finally came to completion after 250 years. In the 18th century, the city became a resort of fashion and elegance for the Georgian class. Many architectural and historical wonders also grew in this city.


The Industrial Revolution in the 19th Century brought in a new wave of positive changes and the entry of the railways marked the beginning of a new era. This era was of course the era of prosperity and growth. Today, you will find the National Railway Museum in York- this is the largest railway museum in the world.

York As It Is Today

When you visit York, you may drop into Selby as well as check out the large abbey at Tadcaster located on River Wharfe. Tadcaster is popular for its history of brewery. You may also drop down to The Vale of York that is a rich and dense farmland lying around the city. It is known for its natural habitat regions and today is designated as a Special Area of Protection and Conservation. If you visit the low lying countryside, you will be able to see the magnificent York Minster.


The following YouTube link will give you an insight into this historical and beautiful city-



York is also known for its academic institutions and students from across the world come here on a regular basis to pursue higher studies. Education here is one of the best in the globe. If you wish to study in UK, opting for York is a wise and prudent choice!

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