Destination Of The Week- Brisbane

Study abroad in Brisbane

Australia’s new “World City” is fast growing. Every week, the city has begun to record an influx of about a thousand new people coming-in for studies or holidaying or just looking to build a home. While Sydney and Melbourne bedazzled the world, building up the golden Aussie Dream, Brisbane diversified itself quietly. Earlier considered to be a good city only for the “retirees”, Brisbane now has about 80,000 students exploring its corners, studying in 190 internationally registered education institutions.


This Aussie “Sunshine State” is not only multi-cultural but also home to creativity and innovation. Its education system is very well validated and you have world-class facilities and research opportunities blending-in well with an outdoors kind of an atmosphere. Comparing the costs of education with other developed nations, Brisbane scores brownie points. For a country that, because of its geographical position, escaped the global recession almost entirely, the states and city hubs are booming with growth. And Brisbane has cocked some eyebrows in that area.




    • Affordable: The cost of your tuition and living expenses would come cheaper than a lot many global cities. Couple that with the quality you receive and we are talking about satisfaction here, mate!


    • Almost Home: Even for the home-sick students, the city goes out of its way. Literally. You have a City Welcome Festival- the largest Orientation Day for overseas students in Australia. Wait. Do you know of any other city that does that? What’s more? The Mayor comes to meet you all personally.


    • Live Max.: The city is famed to be “good one day, perfect the next”. It has been ranked among the world’s most friendliest cities consistently. It is one of the top 50 cities for students as well. The location of the city puts you in close proximity to all the best Aussie destinations. Go, explore!


    • Work Well: As a booming economy in the state that escaped recession, your work prospects are safe and rewarding. The rules are smooth and easy to sail through as well.


    • The Best: You have Australia’s most well-ranked Universities here in the city. Your education, the return of investments on your education are safe and sound.



Confusing much? There is no need to take all the headache upon yourself. Impart some to us and let us work better towards the goal of your education abroad. Let us help you study smart.



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