Destination of the Week – Coventry, UK

Study abroad in Coventry, UK

Taking our journey ahead, this week we will take you to another destination, which will fascinate most of our readers. Rated as the 12th largest in UK, there are many reasons for Coventry to feature as the University of the Week. However, the top reason is that it’s a popular destination for international students studying in UK.

About the City

Coventry is a metropolitan city in England and proves to be the 9th largest city of England with a population of 316,900 according to the 2011 UK census. Coventry was the world’s first twin city during World War II by twinning relationships with Russian city of Stalingrad (now Volgograd). After the success of it, it now boasts of more twin cities, and one of those three are located in US and all three named after it.

Why Coventry?

When you visit a city, what is the first thing that you worry about? THE EXPENSE, RIGHT? So here you go. Coventry is considered to be very reasonable in respective of the accommodation i.e. $ 50 a week. Whereas in partying is concerned, then the average cost of a pint is $2.15. Hence this makes the Coventry the 3rd most reasonable cities in UK for cost of living. Hence as a student you don’t need to worry about paying large bills.

  • Since Coventry is a popular student hub, Its NIGHTLIFE is amazing. It has variety of pubs, clubs and collection of quality bars. So if you want to have a chilling time, then it’s the best place to be. If you don’t have time to travel much for shopping, Precinct and West Orchards Shopping centre are the two places where ‘ EVERYTHING YOU WANT’ is in front of you.
  • If you are a ‘foodie’ then this is a place to be. The list of restaurant keeps changing in this city. There are few regular eating joints like Pizza Express, Bella Italia and Old Orleans.
  • The city has an overwhelming culture too. The ‘not quite’ so newly refurbished Belgrade theatre is now the centre of redevelopment trying to rejuvenate a forgotten part of the city centre and give Coventry a new definition. The refurbished Herbert art gallery and museum explores the history of Coventry as well as displaying touring collections from around the country.
  • Coventry is located very centrally with easy access and connectivity all across UK. Coventry is situated an hour away from London, 20 mins from Birmingham, 25 mins from Leicester


Coventry has many educational institutes that cater to international students. Two of the most recognised and highly ranked universities of UK are located in Coventry, i.e. University of Warwick & Coventry University. Apart from these to big universities, Coventry has many colleges like City College, Henley College & Warwickshire College
Here are some useful facts about the city, which are important for Students

  • The student population is about 35,000 and most of them stay in the city centre making it the paradigmatic University Township.
  • The city is going through a huge phase of ‘redevelopment’ in which new facilities for students are being added like the egg shaped town library, rooftop gardens and city centre music venues etc. So, it is developing into a more happening city!
  • There are cinemas, theatres, art galleries and an ice-rink, tenpin bowling, restaurants, cafés and bars to suit all tastes and cultures. There is an excellent shopping center and a traditional indoor market.
  • Coventry is known to be the 4th safest city in UK. The amount of crimes is far more less than any other city. So, you can have the freedom to walk along the streets late at night too, with being afraid.
  • Wednesday night is the STUDENTS night with night themes and all done for the enjoyment of students in that particular city.
  • Coventry has a well-established and diverse music scene and is host to many music festivals like Govida festival and Coventry Jazz festival.



  • Coventry has the history of winning the FA cup in 1987.
  • The world has to thank this city for its two-wheeler transport as the first English bicycle was made her in 1870.
  • This city is the birthplace of the patron saint of England, St George, famously known for his dragon slaying.
  • The ‘black’ taxicabs that you see in Hollywood movies are built here in this city.
  • The kids in the school are taught 120 languages.
  • If you talk about Football, then the Coventry club is the founder member of the Premier League in 1992.
  • This city has held the longest car-racing track for BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Cars since 1954.


Be it sports, be it student life, nightlife, shopping, extra curricular activates, this city has covered all spheres of life. There is diverse population of international students studying in this city and the city has a lot to offer.


If you are looking to study at any of the Top Universities in Coventry like University of Warwick or Coventry University, then contact Study Smart and we will be happy to guide you with the admissions process.

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