Destination of The Week : Dublin

Why study in Dublin?

This week we visit a city not many have heard or know of. Welcome to the land of the literary greats George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde, W. B. Yeats, and Samuel Beckett! Welcome to the land of the Vikings, the land of the Normans!


Destination of the Week - Study in Dublin, Ireland

Welcome to Dublin !

Dublin, is much more than just Ireland’s capital. It’s a journey from historic architecture to modern culture, a long history and rapidly transitioning culture.


To start with, Dublin ranks in the top 30 cities in the world to live in, head of cities like London and Paris. Dublin is home to friendly, welcoming and down-to-earth Dubliners. With a booming economy and slowly growing to be a premier destination in Europe, Dublin still holds on to its friendly neighborhood city status.


Being a small city, it’s easier for new comers to learn the lay of the land. But do not be mistaken by its small size, for Dublin is home to modern, outward looking, opinionated and young Dubliners with half the population under the age of 30.


Student life


You don’t have to be Irish to love Dublin for what it is. Dublin, with its multicultural and diverse population, is truly a hub for science, culture, sport and entertainment. The city nights are alive with music in bars, concert halls, streets and theatre, which is very popular here. A great culmination of restaurants, cafes and shops, cater very well to Dublin’s diverse population.

Being a student is the best thing to be in Dublin. There are multiple universities, colleges, and technical colleges, and a large cohort of young professionals. This means there is a great social scene and great work opportunities upon graduating.

The Irish are known to be extremely friendly (the ninth most-friendly country in world, according to the World Economic Forum). Trinity University here itself has a very high mix of international students and 400 years of legacy.


The Best of Dublin

The best thing about Dublin is that it’s a vibrant, active city with a whole range of opportunities. You will be hard pressed to be bored here. The only real negative is that it is a bit pricey, but probably no more than any other capital city in the world. Also the weather may be a bit rough for people during the winters.


Apart from studies

Studying in Dublin is not confined to the class rooms, with a lot of activity trips in and around the city. There are many a sights to see around Dublin. Be it the coastal city of Howth with its marvelous cliffs, or sightseeing trips to Glendalough, you get to breath, feel and devour Ireland within a few hours’ drive from the capital.


There is just so much to do when in Dublin. The famous Irish plays at Abbey Theatre, the country’s national theater is a drama lovers’ paradise. Dublin boats of a long cultured history which can still be found in the Dublin Castle which was built in 1204. Trinity College, Dublin offers something much more than academics. You can see The 7th Century Book of Kells, a masterful example of an illuminated manuscript that is housed in its own climate controlled archive in the university’s old library. The city of Dublin has a very active nightlife too with many attractions and venues to spend time with friends.


Popular attractions

University College Dublin, is the largest institution in Ireland. Since its inception in 1851 as the Catholic University of Ireland, the school has been associated with many famous people, including several celebrated literary figures such as Gerard Manley Hopkins, Austin Clarke, and James Joyce.

Trinity College stands as one of the most prestigious schools as well as one of the biggest attractions of the city. The Trinity College embodies Dublin’s ability to combine modern functionality with historical significance and a welcoming atmosphere. It has been home to some amazing scholars such as Edmund Burke, Jonathan Swift, Samuel Beckett, Bram Stoker, and Oscar Wilde.

The Dublin Castle is another notable attraction in Dublin. The center of British power in Ireland at one point, this castle was built on the orders of King John in the 13th century and more closely resembles a palace than the Anglo-Norman fortress that once stood in its place. The Record Tower is the only remaining evidence of this Viking foundation.
Other Attractions
Dublin is also noted for several other attractions such as the Guinness Brewery, Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park, the National Gallery, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and more. Phoenix Park is actually one of the biggest city parks in the world. The National Gallery is free and showcases approximately 2,000 works from all the major European schools of painting and features Irish landscape art and portraits.


Why Dublin. In Brief.

You get to study in a young, multicultural city that would allow you to pursue various interests in and out of college. Right from travelling to learning music. Dublin has been especially perfect for the latter since there is an extremely active traditional music scene here. Being a coastal city, mountains nearby and also close proximity to continental Europe makes it the perfect destination to head for.


So if you are looking to study in Dublin contact Study Smart’s counsellors who will help you get admission in top Universities in Ireland.



October 19, 2013 1:45 pm

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