Destination of the Week – Edinburgh

Study abroad in Edinburgh

Is it a city or a town or a city among towns or a town-city? Many guesses. However, Edinburgh is sure to give you a city feeling outside the chaos of city boundaries. From, at least, 400 years, the city has been the hub of intellectual, industrial and technological innovations. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, world’s first UNESCO City of Literature, Edinburgh has been consistent on the charts of world’s most desirable cities.


The seventh most populous city, Edinburgh has the strongest economy of any city in the UK, outside of London. It also has the highest percentage of professionals in the UK, with 43% of the population holding a degree-level or professional qualification. No wonder, Edinburgh is voted the most competitive large city in the UK. Many administrative and big-business headquarters have made the city their home- ensuring employability.


The city is the venue for many major festivals and informal street parties, which are important nonetheless. There are several theatres and production companies, venues for musical concerts, repertory cinemas, and is home to a flourishing list of composers of all genres. There are many delightful museums, a big zoo and art galleries. With a very well interlinked system of transport, Edinburgh becomes a centre that connects almost everything that Scotland holds on its plate.


Why Study in Edinburgh?



I. It is the cultural capital: For a town the size of Edinburgh, the cultural diversity it offers is incredible. Apart from the famous Edinburgh International Festival and the largest arts festival in the world- the Fringe Festival- there is an eclectic calendar of events on offer.


II. Vibrant Nightlife: With a liberal licensing policy and hundreds of pubs and bars open till way past midnight, there is enough time for you to party till you drop. If you like live music, there will be enough one-nighters by international DJs for you to lose count.


III. Treats for Adrenaline Junkies: You might be an enthusiastic participant or a spectator; there will be enough for you to indulge in. There are adventure sports, sedate games, dancing and a wide array of spectator sports. As a “wee” surprise, just outside of Edinburgh are some of the best surf beaches.


IV. For the Solitary Souls: The are enough parks and open spaces in and around Edinburgh if all you want to do is just laze around with a good book. Sometimes, you may plug-in your music and go for a little hike as well.


V. Employability: With a remarkably low rate of employment and the highest gross value added to an employee in any city outside London, this most competitive city will add bright stars as far as your employability is concerned. It is a banking haven and the second most visited city in the UK, after London. You can rest assured about your prospects.


Unquestionable standards of education, indubitable credibility and infinite other prospects await every student in this city that has been home to some of the most well renowned personalities in the world. That is Edinburgh for you. For more details about how to go and study here, you must know that you should feel free to get in touch with us any moment you like.



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