Destination of the week – Galway, Ireland

Study abroad in Galway, Ireland

All right, this is for the Bohos.


“The City of Tribes”, Galway, is one of the most beautiful coastal cities you can behold in your life. You just have to walk the streets of Galway to have your heart ensnared. Vibrant with colorfully painted buildings and street musicians, the city has a unique blend of history and present. This, along with a liberal dose of its origin myth, comprises its rich cultural heritage. It is the most traditionally Irish city in Ireland. Perhaps that is why Galway is Ireland’s Cultural Heart.


If you have ever been interested in studying arts, this is almost the Mecca. Dance organizations, festival companies, film organizations musical and theater companies, visual arts group and writers’ groups thrive in the city. There are 51 venues for various events, earning it a place in the eight “sexiest cities” in the world. Galway is the 14 th best tourist destination in Europe, ahead of almost all the European capitals, and one of the “five great cities” of 2014.


The student population of the city numbers around 11,000, of which 1,000 are international students studying at the National University of Ireland, Galway or the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology or the University College, Galway or the Galway Technical Institute. The students have a buffet of liberal arts, science, business, law and engineering courses to choose from. You have more than 80 academic, athletic and student social clubs with state-of-the-art facilities. The James Hardiman Library at NUI, Galway houses around 350 archived and/or digitized literary collections. The city has experienced rapid growth in recent years and has strengthened its local economy, bringing more job opportunities.


Why Galway?


    • Culture:
      The way the city holds its tradition close even as it rapidly marches off to progress is admirable really. You have a Castle, Ireland’s oldest in-use Church, medieval gothic architecture, and many museums, theaters and cemeteries. You want the ethnic Irish? You have to be here.
    • Music:
      Really, this cannot be ignored anywhere in Ireland. The rich culture of Galway is reflected magnanimously in the traditional and contemporary blend of its music. Galway is the base-ground for The Saw Doctors, The Stunning, Mickey Finn, Frankie Gavin and Johnny (Ringo) McDonagh.
    • Sports:
      Okay, begin counting. Horse racing, Gaelic games, soccer, rugby, rowing, basketball, golf, hockey, tennis, motorsport and greyhound racing. If an opportunity to participate in or watch all of these is not mind-boggling, Galway still has more up its sleeve.
    • Festivals:
      So many sporting, music, arts and other events keep happening all ‘round the year. You have the Galway Arts Festival, The Galway Races, Festival of Literature and the Galway Early Music Festival as the most notable ones. Then there are festivals on Comedy, Poetry, Halloween, Science and Technology and –obviously- Christmas.


There are a very few places on earth for Indians -who do not want to stick to prescribed courses- to feel that off-beat courses are not a waste of time or wrong. Galway is, surely, one such place. If you are one such student, we would love to be of help.

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