Destination of the Week – Kuala Lumpur

Study abroad in Kuala Lumpur

A city where gleaming skyscrapers co-exist with mosques and temples and street markets. So vivd and vibrant that it has charmed every tourist coming in its lap from years now. There can be no doubt about the fact that the kind of multi-cultural diversity offered by Kuala Lumpur is hard to find in most pockets of the world. Especially so if you are an overseas student from India.

Kuala Lumpur, along with all its neighbors is a rapidly developing part of Malaysia, thriving to be one of the big hubs of international trade and education in South-East Asia. Being the capital, the city is home to many government headquarters. Thriving tourism in the city has led to the opening of big names in hotel industry and other retail brand stores. It needs to be known that if we are talking about Malaysia then Kuala Lumpur is its primate city. Ace, in other words.

The city architecture is a blend of old colonial charm with Western influences and a generous sprinkling of all the foreign ethnicities, which have come here and found home. There are local streets offering a diverse variety of everything from the world. Kuala Lumpur is the cultural hub of Malaysia, offering a packed calendar of various events all ’round the year. And, with 97.5% literacy, the city tops all charts of education offered in Malaysia, offering world-class standards and credibility.

Why Study in Kuala Lumpur?



    • High Standards and International Recognition: There is presence of international universities in KL. Your return on investments in education is guaranteed if you study here. KL has marked its place among the topmost study destinations in the world. You can rest assured.


    • No Language Barrier: Kuala Lumpur, being a tourist destination from a long, long time, has English as a compulsory language. Moreover, the presence of people from all ’round the globe and overseas students such as yourself will assure that communication will just not be a complaint.


    • Affordability: KL gets the highest score for Affordability, combining low living costs with low annual tuition fees.


    • Multicultural: Tourism has guaranteed that the city becomes open to various ethnicities. You will not only find “your own people” here but an acceptance that is generous. The city has your back.


    • Well, Malaysia: There is nothing better to explain Malaysia better than “Truly Asia”. There is a careful blending of cultures and modernity, keeping in view the preservation of environment. You can be blissfully lost in here.


Beyond the bling of being a prominent tourist destination, there is more to KL. Your education abroad here will be secure, safe and sound. If you still fret, please get in touch before you develop cold feet.

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