Destination of the Week- Malaysia

Study abroad in Malaysia

A dynamic tourist destination right in the heart of South-East Asia inhabited by many cultures and colored by the memories and ways of passing tourists. It is a country where you can spot monkeys and sky-scrapers in one picture frame, a colonial inheritance of orderly landscapes outlined by palm-lined freeways, glossy malls and rugged street markets and places dominated by crowds around spaces of sheer relaxation. Apart from the geographical location, does it sound a bit too much like India?


“Selamat Datang ke Malaysia!”


As a student, planning to go and study far from home, it is understandable if you need a country where you can feel like home. Malaysia, with its sizeable population of Indians, offers just the perfect cushion for you to fall back upon when diversity becomes a tad too much. It is a lively country, with a cultural diversity that matches India’s own. It is a country that boasts of some spectacular architecture and the tallest buildings, and yet there you have a proper Chinatown or Indian street markets.


Malaysia is one of the newly industrialized countries of the world. It is, slowly but surely, opening its arms in invitation to foreign nationals. As an economy, it has performed unimaginably well over the past two decades. It has allowed-in more foreign universities and companies- big names, mind- and has feverishly sought to improve its own infrastructure. What more? Malaysia has even simplified its Visa regulations so much that it is a cake-walk as compared to a lot of countries. The result is that Malaysia has become one of the liveliest environments to study or work. And we thought that it was just a little tourist destination.


It is, still, a tourist destination- harbour no doubt- and that is a major benefit for students looking for part-time jobs during their studies. English being a dominant language, if not official, there is no language barrier either. For students strung on a limited budget, the cost of living is a big relief. Yes, it is that low. The night life is vibrant, mixing a lot of influences from world over. The countryside is a relaxed place for camping and trekking trips. And the universities are making their presence felt in world rankings.


What more does a student want?


Ping to us your wish-list and we will get Malaysia to fulfill it.


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