Destination of the week – Melbourne

Study abroad in Melbourne

A city as random and quirky as the one that is famed to experience four seasons in a day has to be on the list of the adventurers. Even if you are not really an “adventurer”, you may love a city that, itself, is relaxed and fun-loving. OR you may be a nerd. Still, you have some of the most educated citizens of Australia here in this city.

In short, you may fit wherever you want to fit. Melbourne never fails to welcome you. This week we look at Melbourne as a destination for international Students looking to Study in Australia.


Melbourne is the second-largest city in Australia, home to almost 4 million people, and is the most diverse culturally. It has been consistent in maintaining the tag of “The Most Livable City in the World” for quite a remarkable time. The city is intelligent, creative and uber-cool. From its laneway bars to trams, this city offers a character of its own; which is quite unparalleled.


There are many colleges of international repute in the city. Every college has tie-ups with a lot many universities across the globe for student-exchange programs. Some of the universities even offer pre-semester trip options to various locations- making us believe that it is not “All Work and No Play” while you are in Melbourne. For the studious ones looking to Study in Australia, why-so-serious students, many public libraries are free for the students looking to do some research, for that is the teaching pattern this city offers. Your mentors/teachers are more like guides, offering you guidance but making you evolve on your own. The student-housing is top notch. There are myriad cultural events all ‘round the year. The nightlife is one of the safest and the best in the world.

Alright, to make it a little better, we will list it all down for you. Here is why you should Study in Melbourne, Australia;


  • Suave Melbourne:
    It is a city of style, fashion, food, architecture, theaters and gardens. There are cafes and designer fashion stores, 3000 restaurants and over 70 national cuisines. It all is a delightful mix of the old and the new.
  • Musical Melbourne:
    You just cannot come without soaking up the city’s original live music scene in some of the most intimate venues found on the planet.
  • Surprising Melbourne:
    It tempts you to just wander through its laneways to discover some of the most gorgeous bars, cafes galleries and street art that no travelogue will tell you about.
  • Sporty Melbourne:
    You cannot be far removed from a city that hosts an F1 and a Grand Slam every year. Like India, you cannot manage to remain removed from cricket while you are “down under”. Then you have Aussie Rules Football. You can surf or ski in the Victorian mountain regions.
  • Wild Melbourne:
    The Twelve Apostles, a unique rock formation, and the wildlife along the Great Ocean Road is bound to leave you flabbergasted and thrilled. The rainforest of the Dandenong Ranges are ideal for trekking and just lazing back to admire the birds. Then, of course, you have the beaches.

Melbourne is also home to some of the top Universities in Australia like University of Melbourne, Monash University, RMIT University, Victoria University, La Trobe University and many more. It has always been a popular choice for students who are looking to study, work and migrate to Australia. Some of the Australian Universities in Melbourne feature in the list of top Universities in the World, providing world class education combined with high quality of life.


These are just a few things we have posted here. Then there are a lot many things which you must absolutely do before you return from Melbourne. The city is famed for ensnaring your heart, you know. Also, you must know that we can help you be there, if you want. No worries there, mate!


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