Destination of the Week – Quebec, Canada

If you love Macaroni and Cheese and Garter Snakes and want to taste mini-France with English tea, you need to head to Canada. It is huge, really. Also, Quebec has its own mysterious creature, like Scotland’s Loch Ness, called Ogopogo. With the misinterpreted origin of its name to its expanse over three oceans, this country does not have boredom in any of its pockets.


Over the last few years, the world’s second-largest country, Canada, is fast becoming the second most popular choice of Indian students looking to study abroad. The Government recognizes the importance of foreign students and has made major improvements in the Immigration and Permanent Residency laws. The number of international students studying in Canada hovers close to 250,000. India is the second-largest source of Canada’s international students and Canada does not disappoint us when it comes to study abroad.


Out of the 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada, we bring to you Quebec; a UNESCO World Heritage Treasure. Quebec is the largest of the Canadian provinces, with about 8 million people living there. You will find a dizzying mix of French and the Latinos and Anglo-Saxons mingling with the Aboriginals. It is a major hub of knowledge, economy and commerce, and a safe place to live. Each year, there are about 30,000 new international students in Quebec from around 160 countries.


Why Study in Quebec, Canada?

  • It Takes Care of Your Education: Quebec offers one of the most diverse and dynamic education systems in the world, with the highest Grad, Under-Grad passing rates. The Universities in the province work in collaboration with an impressive number of universities all ‘round the globe. You have ultra-modern infrastructures in every university of the province. The research centers are prestigious in almost every major sector of research. The Universities here are full-fledged members of large international educational networks. Despite all of this, the tuition fee is one of the lowest on the North American continent.
  • It Takes Care of Your Purse: The cost of living in Quebec is quite cheap, especially if you look at it after the lifestyle it offers. The province is reputed for its wide, open spaces and amazing landscape. There are so many, many lakes and rivers, even a boreal forest. Explore the fjord while you’re there.  The range of activities the province offers is simply amazing. The lifestyle is a charming blend of typical North American and old-world European.
  • It Offers Dynamism: Quebec offers a prolific and dynamic culture. The society, a mixture of many cultures and races, is quite open and welcoming. This place is a hub of large-scale international festivals, carnivals, art shows and sporting events.
  • It Looks After Your Safety: The province is safe to live in, with a low crime rate. It is tranquil, known for its sense of justice and the people who live here.
  • It Takes Care of Filling Your Purse: Various work opportunities are freely available during and after studies. What more? Your PR would not be infested with hassles.


Quebec universities hold their own in world rankings. It is home to some of the top Universities in Canada like McGill University, Bishop’s University, Concordia University, University of Montreal, University of Laval and, finally, the University of Quebec. Give Study Smart an opportunity to tell you more about these universities and studying in Canada. Visit our office or drop in an online enquiry. Our Overseas education counselor will be able provide an end to end solution for your Study Abroad leads. Contact us for more information.

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