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Why study in Singapore?

Beyond the descriptions in travelogues, not many of us are aware of anything about Singapore, are we? Agreed that it is a great place for family vacations and an even better place for… err… honeymoon, yeah, but there is more to the country for an international student looking to study abroad.


How many of us would know that Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers/Dragons? Or that it is considered as a “Middle Power” in the world- not a super power country but one country that holds valuable influence in world affairs? In fact, beyond it being a travel destination, do we give Singapore much credit? We think not. It is quite unfair, really.


Let’s say that it was after 1965, finally, that Singapore came into being as a country. Since then, the rate at which it has grown has taken the world by surprise. It is one of the world’s major commercial hubs. It has the fourth biggest financial center which is home to a large number of internationally significant banks, businesses and stock exchanges. It has one of the world’s five busiest ports. In terms of purchasing power parity –PPP-, Singapore has the third highest per-capita income in the world. All this makes Singapore one of the hottest destination for students looking to Study Abroad


Most importantly, for a student, Singapore may look small- hanging below the Malay Peninsula- but it is a big hitter in the world of higher education and research. There are some of the world’s most qualitative public and private institutes housed in the country catering to a wide range of disciplines and students from across the world. It is home to some of the Top Ranking Universities of Singapore



  • INSEAD Global Innovation Index ranked Singapore on third, in 2012.
  • Innovation and Information Technology Foundation’s report placed the country at the top in the world.
  • World Economic Forum’s report placed it second.
  • It has maintained its reputation for being one of the world’s safest places to live in.


Why Study In Singapore


Economy and place in the world politics is fine. Why should you go, indeed? Here are 5 reasons to your “Why”;

  1. 1. A Cosmopolitan Suburbia: It is vibrant in the city and quiet beyond it. You feel the pulse and you have space to relax should the fast lifestyle begins to tire you. On one hand, you have multi-storey high-rises and large malls. On the other hand, there are vast spaces where you can lie down and unwind.


  1. 2. You Will Fit-In: The country thrives on tourism. Nobody is going to gawk at you even if you roam around in a sari or a lungi. What comes as a surety, with Singapore’s dependence on tourism, is that you will have a world culture and cuisine at your disposal. Something from everywhere in the world is going to be available. Moreover, Singapore’s official language is English. Expect no language barrier.


  1. 3. Lower Costs: From your tuition fee to getting around and living in the country, the price range will not have you biting your nails with apprehension.


  1. 4. World-Class Education: The benefit of studying in Singapore is that you are able to gain an American, British or an Australian degree in approximately lesser than half the cost you would be spending while studying in those countries. Most of the universities and colleges in Singapore are ranked highly in the world.


  1. 5. Connectivity: The country has one of the most efficient transportation systems in the world, all credit to the importance of tourism. Apart from in-land connectivity, the access that Singapore provides to South-East Asia and the Southern Hemisphere is fabulous. What’s more? It is well within the limits of your pockets.



Singapore is also home to some of the Top Universities like National University of Singapore, James Cook University, MDIS, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Curtin University of Technology, Singapore, Nanyang technological university and many more.


The Tourism Board of Singapore goes by the slogan, “Uniquely Singapore”, which stands true. The range of diversity, mixed with the local culture creates a vibrant blend of all things beautiful. To be a part of it, you can feel free to ping us any moment you like.


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