Destination of the Week – Toronto

Consider this: Why would you want to leave your own country to study abroad?

Education is one obvious reason. What builds up an equally strong reason is the urge to see the world.
Well, it is right here; all dressed-up and fine.


On the shores of Lake Ontario resides the world’s most multicultural city. There are more foreign-born inhabitants in Toronto than any other city in the world. It is one of the consistent top rank-holders when it comes to global competitiveness, innovation and quality of life and is Canada’s economic and financial hub with some shoot-those-eyebrows-up-in-the-hairline talent pool. To go with the image, Toronto is one of the safest, cleanest and greenest cities in the world. The Globalization and World Cities study group considers Toronto an “alpha world city”. It is also home to Canada’s best university.


Why Study in Toronto?



Toronto specializes in variety. It is no less than a mini-world. Just in a day, you are skipping from Little India to Chinatown then from Little Italy to Portugal Village and end up on a bar-be-que in Koretown. Oh, and do not miss the museum dedicated to shoes.



If variety is not really the “spice” of your life, then you can immerse yourself in the architecture of the city. You will find generations, literally, from the most classic to the most modern. The city, itself, is not all. You have to visit the suburbs to find many surprises relaxing amidst towering trees. The city has delightful secluded islands too! And there is a whole other city underneath the concrete city.



Sorry to keep making a point of highlighting to food, always, but can you ignore food? So, here it is- it’s awesome! When you have so many, many, many influences, what do you get in the name of a cuisine? Go, figure. And, let us tell you, brunch is the closest thing to religion in Toronto and indy coffee shops will make you forget Starbucks.



With so many cultures co-existing, tolerance and acceptance of a native from every corner of the world is but natural. It is said that Toronto was tolerant before it became a trend to be tolerant.


To a place where diversity is celebrated and welcome, would you like to go?

Okay, sorry. We were just a little caught up with the flow.


Okay, ping us!



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