Destination of the Week – Manchester

Our destination of the week is multi-faceted. To those familiar with history, we have the hub of textile here, after which are named the major textile hubs in almost every country. For the city lovers, we have the “original modern city”. The ones interested in architecture know this as the city with many generations blending to create a fabulous palette. And for the football enthusiasts, EPL-fanatics, we have your Mecca.


Cottonopolis. Warehouse City. Madchester. We bring this week the city that goes by the motto, “By wisdom and effort;” Manchester.


Manchester has the reputation of being revolutionary and entrepreneurial. The city was at the forefront of the industrial revolution, the pioneer of development in the modern world. It is often said that what Manchester does today, the world does tomorrow. Perhaps that is why the city has its place in the capitalist, Marxist and almost all economic and business philosophies.


There are more than 200 languages spoken in one of the UK’s most multi-cultural and thriving cities, popular with overseas students. The city reeks of taste in every facet of its exuberant environment. For the 80,000 students, who come to study in Manchester’s 4 Universities from over 154 countries, there is something on offer for everyone.


Manchester is a city steeped in eclectic music, with a calendar packed with events and festivals all year ‘round. It is a city synonymous with Football, housing the Theater of Dreams. For the club lovers, the city boasts of some of the world’s most coveted and creative clubs. It has its own idiosynchratic arts scene with galleries filled with permanent collections and exhibitions by some world-famous artists. If you just catch a train, you will have to struggle to catch your breath, for the landscape surrounding this city is that stunning. And, a city that has so many cultures rubbing shoulders together, you have an excellent cuisine and beverages.


Why study in Manchester?





  • It is cheap: Yes, it is. The accommodation here is roughly half the price you’d have to pay in London or even Dublin.
  • Students’ hub: With four universities in the city, there is really no wonder that this is a place of students. Everything in the city is done and planned, keeping you guys in mind.
  • Centerfold: Manchester is right in the middle of UK so all the favorite destinations of UK and neighboring countries are not too far. Backpackers, go!
  • City at the helm of issues: The city has given to the world Feminism, Vegetarianism and a defiant tolerance towards LGBTs. Suffragettes were founded here. You have an activist in you, this city will feel like home.
  • Pioneers: The modern computer as we know today, the atom-split theory, the first commercial canal, the first commercial railway, the first professional football league, he best alternate rock music and… well… Rolls Royce. It all began here!


Decisions decide why Study in Manchester at you are going to be that is why you cannot be rash with them. Should you feel that you need an extra hand at deciding, Study Smart are only too eager to help.


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