Everything Students Need To Know About Studying In Ireland

Studying In Ireland

When it comes to foreign studies in a warm and hospitable destination, Ireland is the first choice for international students. It is home to some famous academic institutions in Europe and the costs of studying here according to study abroad consultants for Ireland are pocket-friendly!

Welcome To The Emerald Isle!

Ireland is a poet’s dream and it is known for its breath-taking green landscapes. It is called the “Emerald Isle” and is a student’s delight. When it comes to career opportunities, you will find the presence of reputed multi-national companies and research organizations here. This means you are able to kick-start a global career when you study or work here. The destination is also safe and extremely friendly. The local culture is active and vibrant. The Irish educational system is also one of the best in the world. Notable personalities Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw and Robert Boyle originally hailed from Ireland.

Friendly People And Exuberant Culture 

The Irish people are very warm and friendly. They are famous for their fun-loving nature and entertaining music. The traditional Irish culture is said to be 100 years old and there are a few people here who still have kept the Irish tradition alive and running. The Irish harp is very famous and you will find many people playing this amazing musical instrument. Gaelic is the traditional language of the people of Ireland and approximately 88% of the total population are Roman Catholics.

When it comes to passions, the Irish people are fond of sports and politics. They enjoy spending quality time with their family and traveling. The main currency here is the Pound Sterling and The Ireland Euro. The food that you cannot afford to miss out here are the red lemonade, the tayto crisps and the potato farls.

Salient Points To Note When You Study In Ireland

It is true that the Irish college or university will guide you on admission procedures however for a non-Irish and non-European resident, it is mandatory that you register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau or the GNIB.


Once you are in Ireland, it is important for you to manage your finances well. The banks and the financial set-up here is very convenient and transparent. There are some banks that give student discounts and some also give them free banking services. When you open an account in a bank here, ensure that you have the standard documents as they will be verified.


Another important thing that you should not miss out on is insurance. It is important for the non-EAA student to have valid medical insurance. This insurance for students should cover accidents, diseases and the costs of hospitalization expenses.


The weather here is pleasant but very unpredictable. You must ensure that you stay protected against rain and snow. When you are looking for accommodation, ensure that you check websites on the same or ask trusted study abroad consultants in your home town to help you. It is wise and prudent for you to arrange for accommodation in advance. If you are looking for work, remember that during college days you are permitted to take up 20 hours of casual work and during vacations 40 hours of casual work. However, you must concentrate on your studies first. Before moving, it is always prudent for you to take the advice of trusted foreign education consultants for Ireland.

Study Smart- Trusted Foreign Education Consultants For Ireland

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