How Many Universities Should a Student Apply to While planning to Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is a great way to advance student career, but getting into the best universities is a difficult task. Every year, millions of students from all over the world apply to universities in countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and others. This reduces a student’s chances of admission to a shortlisted college or university. As a result, students choose to apply to multiple universities for admission to study Abroad.

Overview of Applying for Study Programs

Now, the big question on students’ minds is, ‘How many colleges should I apply to’ for a high-quality education. The Internet is flooded with answers, which confuse many applicants. Many students in India and around the world are concerned about the maximum and minimum number of colleges to which they can apply. Students and experts are divided on the correct answer.

Aside from the question of ‘how many universities abroad to apply to,’ consider answering a few other questions such as – I Why do students want to study abroad? (ii) What are your career objectives? (iii) Why did you choose this course and university? (iv) How do the chosen university and program align with student’s goals in life? and (v) Why apply now? 

In this article, we are going to cover advise from overseas education experts on the most common question – ‘how many universities should I apply to’ that can save your time, efforts, and increase students chances of getting admission in one of the top-ranked university abroad.

How Many Applications Should There Be?

Many students apply to various colleges and then sort through the list to choose 10 to 20 colleges for the best education. But students are still in confusion and stressed about “How many colleges should I apply to”. The colleges listed are either good for studying or not, have a great environment, and have experienced faculty available or not.

Students must stand in line to be considered for admission to universities. Some argue that five to eight applications are sufficient to gain admission and pave the way to a rewarding career.

To avoid confusion, it is best to follow the advice of an expert. Remember that there is no such thing as a magic number. 

Experts at Study Smart recommend study abroad students the following – 

Consider narrowing down your choices to 12-15 Universities / Colleges for further research and consideration. 
Shortlist 5-7 colleges or universities where you want to apply, after taking into account application fees for each university.

Admission applications to multiple colleges or universities may be rejected. College rejection is difficult, but it is an excellent learning experience. Students must keep their expectations in check. To avoid last-minute stress, students should maintain a positive attitude and apply early.

Read on for expert advice on selecting a university for study abroad.

Why should a student apply to various universities abroad?

A student’s life can be transformed by studying abroad. It allows individuals to immerse themselves in a new culture, meet new people, and experience a different way of life. However, the advantages of studying abroad extend beyond personal development and cultural exposure. In this blog, we will look at why a student should apply to universities abroad.

There are numerous advantages to studying abroad for students. It exposes students to a diverse cultural environment, provides access to high-quality education, opportunities for language learning and networking, and fosters personal growth. These advantages can help students gain a competitive edge in the job market, develop important life skills, and broaden their worldview. Therefore, it is highly recommended that students apply to various universities overseas to take advantage of these opportunities.
Students decision to apply to various universities overseas may increase student’s chances of getting admission manifold. 

This mindset supports getting admission earlier and student might be free to think “how many universities abroad to apply to”? If student is extremely confident about selection, student can choose to apply to limited 5 to 7 colleges or universities. 

How to choose a university or college for admission abroad?

Choosing the right university or college from the many options is also a big challenge for students. It is better to consider the below parameters while shortlisting a university or college for admission abroad.

Academic background

Quality at studies is a vital factor. A university is known for its academic excellence and reputation earned in the years. The reputation depends on the history of the university, number of program for undergraduate, graduate, professional courses, research options, accreditation, recognition, and other essentials. Make sure student take into consideration its academic background to avoid disappointment.


The universities worldwide are awarded country and global ranking on the basis of several important factors. The ranking helps student to take better decisions and shortlist the top universities for high-quality education in abroad.

Career Prospects

It is also important to consider if the awarded degree or certificate is valid worldwide. The scope and importance of the university add value to student’s profile and help student grown in their career.

Campus Facilities

For a comfortable experience while studying abroad, it is necessary to make sure the chosen university provides access to the modern amenities. For students planning to study overseas, it is highly recommended to shortlist universities after considering study environment, on –campus accommodation, security, power backup, water supply, internet, quality of food, and cleanliness.  

Cultural life

Along with studies, it is also mandatory to facilitate cultural programs, extracurricular activities, and ensure participation for overall development of a student. Good universities also make sure students get the benefit of cultural life highly engaging study environment.  

If student take into consideration the above few parameters, student will surely be able to select the right university for quality education overseas.

Expert Tips on Choosing an University/College

Be On Budget & Select an Affordable Country: Student have to be smart to choose college after 12th standard according to affordability and course availability in the abroad university. 
Find Why The College Is the Best: If many students are running towards any particular college, then find out why? Collect the information by multiple ways to take admission if everything is according to your choice. 
Prepare for Examination: If student is going to apply to their favourite course which is only available overseas, student must be prepared to sit in an admission examination for an abroad university with the submission of required scores, documents, identity proof, and visa as well. 

Focus On Some Essential Things Before Applying

Application Fee Structure: Check the fee structure before applying to the colleges and check whether the cost is effective. 
Save Time: There are multiple universities, but the number of chances decreases to apply to dozens of colleges. It is better to fill out the application form to take help through the common app that will help student to apply for admission quickly without wasting time on multiple application forms.
Discuss with Admission Expert: Students have the choice to consider “how many universities should I apply to”? Students admission expert always offers several tips to select a university according to your budget & career goal.

To Conclude

We are Experts in providing admission and explaining – “how many universities abroad to apply to” for student’s studies. We turn student’s thoughts to the important point of application, admission, and requirements. We help pick not more than 5 to 7 universities or colleges according to the fee structure, budget, infrastructure, safety, near reach, and environment. 

Study Smart’s Expert counselling can help students identify their strengths and weaknesses, develop effective study habits and strategies, and improve their academic performance. Counsellors can help students set goals, create a study plan, manage their time effectively, and stay motivated.

Students decision to seek expert advice may help student lessen their stress and increase their chances of getting admitted to selected university at international level. Student may consider consulting the admission counsellors at Study Smart for the assistance in getting admission to a globally top ranked university located in a country.

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