How to Choose a Study Abroad Program

Do you want to study abroad and have already started to picture yourself in a new city? Well, it is easy to daydream about a foreign place, but it is different to plan something such a huge change in your life. The most difficult of them is choosing the correct program as the decision to select the wrong program might harm our life. If you are a school pass out, you might struggle hard to get an idea about which study abroad program to choose. To help you narrow down the list with the best program, below are some of the most important things that you should consider.

Research on the Internet 

Get on the internet and start looking for the courses that you might be interested in. You can go through different websites to read the students’ actual reviews about the advantages and disadvantages of the numerous programs. Check out every program in detail and what they offer. Also, consider the program costs you have to pay and the total duration of the course.

Speak with the alumni of the program 

Many Universities of the study abroad program lists the contact information of their previous alumni. If you want, you can get in touch with them and ask them about their experiences while studying. They can give answers to all your questions as they might have the same questions when they are pursuing the degree. Their advice might help you in selecting the correct program. If any contact information is not available on the University’s website, then you can email them and be connected with a student who is currently pursuing that course.

Choose an Interesting Program

The time a program representative or a coordinator takes to call or email you back is an indication of how the program will be if you select that for studying abroad. If no one has contacted you even after two weeks, then you can take this as a sign that this course or the University will not be much resourceful for you when you are living abroad. The course you choose should include all the support and help possible, before and after your admission. The teachers or coordinators associated with it should be enthusiastic, willing to answer any question within a time frame, and should be knowledgeable enough about the course and the city where you will be going to live.

Ask the important questions

Below are some of the most vital questions that you should ask a former student or a program coordinator before making a firm decision.

Do the fees of the program include all the excursions?

Is the scholarship available for funding the program?

If I fall sick, is there any health insurance included in the program?

Will, my credits for study abroad get transferred to my home University?

Where can I be staying during the program?

I have a medical condition. Do I need to bring my supplies of medicine with me?

Is there any gym or swimming pool on the campus?

Consult Your Home University

Always be familiar with the programs for study abroad, especially the ones that are not affiliated with your home university or school. You also need to ensure that your credits will get transferred to the referred University if you have to leave the course in the middle. Thus to clear all these doubts, consult a study abroad education consultant to know which one will work best for you.


After doing all the online research, speaking with the participants and the program coordinators, and clearing every doubt with your home university advisor, you will select the correct study abroad program for you. Now get back to the preparation of IELTS and get a high band score to choose your favorite University and course!

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