How to prepare for ‘discuss both views’ in IELTS Task?


Today’s write-up will assist the students in answering the Task 2 of the IELTS writing segment with questions like “give your opinion and discuss both views type.”

These specific question types need a unique approach to display the essays since you have to discuss both sides than supporting any one side. Most of the aspirants fail to answer these types of queries and require proper IELTS training in Pune.

They do not know what the questions are asking them to do and do not implement a suitable structure.

We will help the students to conquer these difficulties by looking at the coherence and cohesion and lexical resources. These are the two most vital criteria for marking that the IELTS authorities implement for grading the essays.

If you can understand the marking pattern, it will assist you to get inside the examiner’s head and deliver them exactly what they want.

Identification of the Question

Check out the three questions mentioned below and find out which one is the discussion question.

  • Computers are implemented more in education. Discuss its benefits and drawbacks and give your opinion.
  • Since computers are implemented more nowadays in today’s education system, there will be no teacher’s roles soon in the educational field. You disagree or agree with this statement to what level?
  • Computers are implemented more in the educational system. According to some, it is a positive trend, while others might say that it comes with negative aspects. Discuss both sides of the debate and voice your opinion on this.

We can clearly say that the third side falls into the given opinion and discusses both view categories.

Structure of the Question

For the discussion type of question, you could implement the following four structures for the paragraph.


  • Question Paraphrase
  • State both the viewpoints
  • Statement of the thesis
  • Outline of the sentence

Main paragraph of the body 1

  • State the first viewpoint
  • Discuss the first viewpoint
  • The reason for your agreeing or disagreeing with the viewpoint
  • Examples for supporting the view

Main paragraph of the body 2

  • State and describe in detail the second viewpoint
  • The reason behind the agreement or disagreement of the viewpoint
  • Examples in favor of the support


  • Sentence 1-summary
  • Sentence 2- the state which viewpoint is better or more significant

Achievement of the Task

It is one of the four segments where you will get accessed in the IELTS writing examination category. The task achievement refers to the student’s capacity to answer all the question parts and represent developed answers.

If you follow the above structure, you can discuss both the argument perspectives and note your opinion. It is what the examiners asked the aspirants to do, more or less.

Cohesion and Coherence

Discourse markers words, like despite this, in conclusion, and however, are also known as the linking phrases or words. The other name for these kinds of words is sentence connectors. These words are implemented in academic writing than informal speaking and include a formal tone.

The students will achieve more marks by implementing these words under the cohesion and coherence segment of the marking pattern. These words help the other phrases to stick together and offer continuous paragraphs and sentences.

If you are interested in including discourse markers in the IELTS writing segment, then the answers will appear to be illogical and hard to understand. But this does not mean that the candidates should insert innumerable words in their writing. It becomes one of the most mistakes in the IELTS writing segment.

If you use too many of them inappropriately, it will make your writing too unnatural and heavy. These are significant but should only be implemented at the correct time.

Lexical resource

It is another significant criterion on which the IELTS authorities mark the students. It also refers to the ability to implement a broad and precise vocabulary range. One of the common mistakes that the students make is the repetition of the same word frequently.

But remember that you will lose full marks if you continue to do this. The only solution to this problem is synonym use. You can either implement the synonyms while writing or leave some time to add them in the end.

Summing it up

By varying the vocabulary, the students can achieve a high band in writing task 2 with ease. Always be careful not to use any disclosed markers, inaccurate or inappropriate words.

If you are not confident enough in this writing task, enroll in any reputed institution that will assist achieve a high band score with correct guidance for IELTS coaching in Pune.

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