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As an expert with IELTS, we spend a lot of time answering questions about IELTS test preparation and what is the best way to go about it during this lockdown.

Ok, so we really need to talk about IELTS Test preparation at home, as online education is becoming the new normal. It seems like many people think there is a one-size-fits-all the magic formula for preparing for the IELTS, and I think it’s time that we dispel this myth once and for all! So, here are a few hard facts about IELTS online Test Preparation


Hard Truth #1: IELTS Test Preparation is different for different people:


Well, some people are ready for taking their IELTS tomorrow; some may take six months of hard work ahead of them. Students often feel that this isn’t the right test for me as well. Unfortunately, just because something worked for someone you know, doesn’t mean the same will work for you. It is important to understand your areas of improvement and take coaching from an Online IELTS institute that is able to provide personal attention to you.


Hard truth #2: Direction plays a key role: 

We know there is a lot of free information available on the internet, and We know you want to “teach yourself” using this free information. But trust me; We talk to dozens of people on a daily basis that thought the same thing. Why take IELTS Training when there is so much free material available on the internet? Well it’s free but not structured, a Top IELTS Online coaching institute will you be able to provide with a proper training plan, tips and tricks, and feedback on your areas of improvement.

Check Everything you need to know about IELTS Online Coaching


IELTS Online Test Preparation Recommendations

1: Figure out your level

The first thing that you should do when you decide you’re going to prepare for IELTS at home is to find out exactly what your current level is. Then you can make an appropriate timeline and some realistic goals. NEVER book your IELTS test date before knowing and assessing your level. You will certainly regret it. Most online IELTS Classes will be able to provide you with a free mock IELTS test, that you can take to access your own level.


2: Build on your weaknesses

Once you know what your level is, stop practicing the questions immediately. The practice questions were good enough to give you the format of the test. Now is the time to focus completely on building up the weak skills that you have identified. Look for Online IELTS coaching that provides you with skills-building lessons on grammar, vocabulary, and other important skills required to Crack the IELTS Exam.


3:  Start Practicing Again

Once you have worked on your weaknesses, it’s time to start practicing IELTS questions again. This time, you can focus more on understanding the format of the test, that is how the questions and information will be presented to you.

Again, sign up for one of our online IELTS courses for access to an extensive bank of IELTS mock tests prepared by real IELTS Experts. We have provided a 10 sectional mock test for each module of IELTS. This stage should take you at least a couple of weeks in your Preparation Phase. There are a lot of tasks, and you should be practicing them all multiple times.


4: Get Feedback from Expert

Once you feel that you are ready for the IELTS, it’s incredibly helpful to get feedback about your progress from someone who knows what they’re talking about. This can be a tutor in your daily life or one of our IELTS Trainers from our Online IELTS Institute. If you decide to do this before taking your test, chances are you will have a lot more knowledge and confidence, making it much more likely for you to succeed on your first try!


What’s the Final Message for IELTS Preparation Online?


Remember, you are a unique individual. Your Online IELTS test preparation is not going to look the same as your friend’s preparation. If you want to succeed on your first try, you need to be honest with yourself about your weaknesses and you need to be realistic about your timeline. And if you need help, Study Smart IELTS institute is here to help you.

So if you are looking for a convenient, safe, and cost-effective option to Prepare for the IELTS Exam, Then Study Smart’s Online IELTS Coaching is the right choice for you. For more details about our Online IELTS Training & Live Online IELTS Class Schedule contact us now. 

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