How you can Study Abroad in the year 2020?

Study Abroad in 2020

After the outbreak and rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus, you might be extremely worried about your plans to study abroad in the year 2020. But, you are not unaccompanied in this journey. There are millions of students also who are uncertain about how coronavirus will impact their future. Although the situation is not right for taking direct admissions to the universities abroad, there are specific ways through which you can study without entirely giving up your dream. Let us take a quick look at some of the possibilities.

  • Stick to the Application Process

Once you have decided, you should start submitting the application forms. Most top-rated universities start their classes around September to October. Till this pandemic is not under control, it must be comforting for you to know that some of them are still accepting online applications from the students. You can take the help of one of the best Study Abroad Consultants to identify which universities are on this list.

And continue going through the application process. You can also contact the universities on their official website for more information. Some of them even have online classes so that, you do not have to travel aboard in this situation.

Many universities are starting off the first semester online with the option of the student joining for physical classes from the next semester.

  • Apply for an Online Degree

Many prospective students are altering their Study Abroad plans by thinking about the online courses offered by some of the prestigious institutions across the globe. The reputed overseas education consultants can give a detailed idea about those courses, their total duration, and course fees. Many Top Ranked foreign universities are offering Online Bachelors and Master’s Degrees course due to this virus outbreak.

Online selection will not cause any further delay in your plans of studying abroad in a top-class university. Classes start once or twice every few months. All you need to do is just have the right requirements on your PC or Laptop. But, the only drawback of these online classes is that it might take a few extra years to get a graduation degree than the on-campus alternative based on the intensity of the courses.

Online degrees do not mean a compromise on the quality education but added advantages of studying from the comfort of your home. The top abroad education consultants can provide you with more benefits of online courses along with other advantages.

  • Keep on Gaining Knowledge through Short Online Degrees

No matter which option you are going to choose in the future, you should not give up on developing yourself. There are abundant short online degrees that will help you to continue to learn, from your home itself. Many short online courses are also offered without any charges. To know in detail about these types of courses, get in touch with your nearest study abroad consultants in Delhi. Keeping some time off from your everyday schedule for these online courses will help you to be motivational and enhance your personal development. You can find the online courses on various diverse topics that will help you to upgrade the skill set.

  • Financial Alternatives

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial condition and the family incomes of innumerable families have been affected. Thus while applying for an on-campus course, always look out for financial aid or COVID-19 scholarship that is now offered by a large number of universities to International students. Individual appeals can also be made to the University for Special Scholarships, bursaries, or fee reductions.  You can also request the university authorities for EMI facilities to pay the tuition fees and opt for flexible payment plans. You may also apply for student loans or education loans to pursue your dream of Studying Abroad. There are various financial institutions like HDFC credila, Avanse finance, etc available in the market to provide education loans.

Why Choose Study Smart as your Overseas Consultant? 

Study Smart Overseas Education in Delhi and Pune is one of the boutique overseas education consultancies that are solely committed to one to one student counseling. We are the most effective media of speedy communication between the universities and the students.

Study Smart is one of the pioneers in abroad education consultation; they provide assistance right from Applications, Admissions, Registration, Scholarship and financial aid, and much more. We provide a free consultation to the students for their applications and admission procedures for abroad education, starting with profiling, helping students in selecting the right course and right universities suitable for their profile followed by the application process, and getting the offer letter of admission. We extend our assistance for the Visa application process along with pre and post-departure support. Whichever path you choose to Study Abroad, do not stop learning and dreaming!

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