THE Interview

Preparing for the Interview

Perhaps the scariest part of getting admission in a college or getting a job is the PI- personal interview. Now, is your interview with the university any different than your job interviews? In short, yes. The rule book plays differently here but it is not scary.


It all begins with ‘tell me about yourself’ and ends with ‘our admissions team will get in touch’. Fifteen minutes and you are left clueless. The first thing you need to understand is that all the college will be judging is your sincerity and your motives. No college would want a clueless student, by the way. Your own chance also begins with telling about yourself. See, the interviewer is trying to get to know you. Let them know you- a little diplomatically.


Condense your entire personality, your entire life in short and complete sentences. Tell about yourself, your influences, anything that urged you to pursue a particular course, your achievements and dreams. You can try being humorous too- if you are a natural at it. Let the college know why you chose them and why you chose the country you chose. Know about your course as well. The university will not be expecting you to know everything in detail but read up on the outlines. And, all in all, remember these points well;


  • Be precise and to the point. Not too chatty.
  • Try to come across as sorted in your head.
  • Try to promote your intellectual interests more than material desires.
  • Do not try too much flattery.
  • Do not use slang. Be polite, rather.
  • Be confident but not know-it-all.
  • Remember to address the interviewer.


The thing is that even as you want to get selected in a university/college, they are trying to promote themselves too. You both are on a neutral ground where you both want to make a good impression. Have a polite conversation with them and try being honest. It might just get you your brownie points.


If this soliloquy has not helped too much and you would like some details, we would be only too happy to elaborate. After all, we Indians are talkative. Let us know if you’d like to talk.


Study Smart Overseas Education not only helps you to prepare for University interviews, but also helps you step by step to secure your admission on top universities abroad. Our counselors have years of experience of dealing with students who are looking to Study Abroad.

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