May the luck of the Irish be with you – Study in Ireland!

Why you should study in Ireland?

Even the best travelogues would be overwhelming if one comes to describing the beauty of Ireland. Their Celtic mysticism, their haunting places and Irish music has been sources of immense attraction. So, if you want a place that is bursting with many, many things to do, apart from offering good studies, Ireland is where you need to be.


Here are the top reasons for why you should study in Ireland.

Study in Dublin


~Ola Dublin!~
Sure, a lot many times you have heard people going on and on about this city but, it’s really worth it. Dublin is vibrant! It has, also, produced most Nobel Laureates than any other city in the world. It is youthful and has a strong blend of history and culture. Great restaurants and music venues are just some of the things to keep you entertained while you study in Dublin.irish_dream


The countryside is rugged and breath-taking, to say the least. You can join water sports, you can be a hill walker or rock climber or simply become a caveman in the many caves, and you are most welcome.


~Book Worms Alert!~
Book worms are right at home. Ireland is the home to Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde, Yeats, Jonathan Swift, G.B. Shaw, Heaney and Beckett.
Irish Literature is the third oldest in Europe. It should tell you how much the Irish value their education system.



~The Irish Music~
Home of U2, Snow Patrol, The Cranberries, Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor and My Bloody Valentine. The Irish folk music has a wide influence And has shaped up the rock music over the ages.


~The Irish Culture~
‘Pagan’ is the word! The Celtic influences give every celebration and festival it’s unique Irish flavor. If you are a foodie, you will never be disappointed. If you are fond of pubs, you will have many homes upon the island. There are so many museums, art galleries and venues for performing arts that it is hard to find a dull moment. Something somewhere is always happening!

~The Irish Education~
Ireland’s education system is of the highest international quality. Many of the Universities in Ireland are internationally ranked, and with many strong programs in a variety of areas, there is something for almost every student.

Ireland Country Side


~What to Expect?~
The friendly Irish do not leave you feeling like an outsider for long. Ireland has been voted as the “friendliest” country by Lonely Planet. It is a safe country too. Perhaps, that is why it is becoming an increasingly popular destination for overseas students. Moreover, the cost of living is cheap and the transport is well connected. There is no language barrier for English-speaking students. Also, one of the benefits of studying in a European country is that you can country­hop through the entire continent easily.


Universities provide a working permit, with which you can for 20 hours in a week. With that benefit in hand, you can find work in almost any industry of the Irish economy. Doing an international internship would do well for your C.V., or you may find a short-term paid employment. There will be opportunities for teaching a foreign language as well. Also, you can volunteer for the many communities and NGOs. Everyone should do a good deed, after all. What more? You are allowed to stay for a year after you finish your course, on a Post-Study work Visa.


We, your overseas education consultants at Study Smart understand that studying abroad is a big leap. It can go downhill. We will be more than happy to help your choices meet the results you desire.

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