Is IELTS Simon an Up-to-date Source of Info in 2023 – A Review

IELTS Simon has been the most sought-after webpage recently. For some applicants, IELTS Simon can be a good option but for a few others some other source could be a preferred source for preparation. The International English Language Testing System being one of the globally accepted English fluency tests is high in demand. It is popular among students and professionals willing to study or migrate to any of the English-speaking nations. Scoring the desired band in IELTS is easy for applicants who follow a disciplined timetable defined for the course preparation, use dependable study sources, and learning materials, and have the determination to excel in life.

The above resource IELTS Simon has received good reviews in the past and has helped many students with their preparation. Many have scored good Bands with the help of the learning materials, lessons, and content shared on the online platform by Simon. Are you preparing for the IELTS exam and looking for a great website/source to prepare for a high IELTS score? Well, IELTS Simon may be an ideal option to get extra materials for IELTS practice.

If you are a beginner and planning to appear for the IELTS shortly, considering ILETS Simon as the up-to-date source of information in 2023 on the basis of reviews can be a good decision for you. Let us take a tour of the shared information in the content to have a better understanding of the online platform and one of the professional information sources – popular as ‘IELTS Simon.’

IELTS – Overview

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a test conducted to assess the English language proficiency of candidates applying at universities located in English-speaking countries. Through this exam, candidates’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills are tested. The candidates interested in working, studying, or migrating to an English-speaking country give this test accepted in most of the countries.

All About the IELTS Simon

IELTS Simon is a great site/source that is an effective way to prepare for this exam. IELTS Simon is created by a previous assessor of the IELTS exam – Simon Corcoran. The information posted on the website comes handy while doing exam preparation. Simon Corcoran since 1988 has been an English teacher. He was awarded the title ‘IELTS Simon’ in 2009 when he commenced contributing IELTS content on his dedicated website/blog regularly.

The candidates can access several exam tips, sample exam papers and previous year questions, and model answers on this site. Moreover, the platform provides subscriptions allowing test takers to get IELTS lessons daily and important preparation tips in their emails.

Advantages of IELTS Simon

  • IELTS Simon is a useful website offering complete assistance regarding IELTS exam preparation
  • It offers a complete wealth of resources to equip candidates in their exam preparations.
  • The site is managed by professionals
  • The information provided on this platform comes in handy and proved effective for exam preparation.
  • It provides an actual exam experience.
  • The website is updated with daily lessons related to IELTS.
  • Candidates requiring study materials and detailed information regarding the IELTS examination for free can refer to IELTS Simon.
  • Students can get complete information regarding several exam tips, sample exam papers, and questions.
  • The platform offers a subscription option so that you can get IELTS lessons & valuable exam tips directly via e-mail.

Purpose of Signing Up at IELTS Simon

Simon IELTS is for individuals who need a high IELTS score (bands 6 to 9) and wish to study under the guidance of the world’s most trusted IELTS teachers. This website is not like just any other site for individuals looking for IELTS preparation tips, tricks, or something else. Rather, it focuses more on effective exam ways in the native English language.

Sign up at IELTS Simon

Simon IELTS is a members-only website for effective IELTS preparation. The monthly subscription for the same is £34 and gives test takers complete access to the creators’ daily lessons, video courses, and e-books.

IELTS Simon Reviews

  • The website – IELTS Simon was made by an ex-examiner of IELTS – Simon Corcoran.
  • The creator runs several exam preparation courses in Manchester, UK.
  • The website provides some free content to study IELTS, with the latest archives to practice.
  • Valuable video lessons are posted on Simon’s YouTube channel regularly.
  • Students can also study with a book as well. Simon explains a few of the audio scripts from Cambridge.
  • It is another good resource to do effective preparation for IELTS.
  • Another advantage of referring to this website is that several teachers also use Simon’s materials with their students.


Though there are a lot of websites claiming to offer authentic information related to the IELTS exam preparations, in reality only a handful of them can be trusted. Thus, it is important to limit your search to reputable sites like Simon IELTS and a few more. Simon also launched his new website – in Mar 2020 and publishes his new content on it. There is plenty of information about IELTS on his websites. Applicants worldwide are taking advantage of it and fulfilling their dream of scoring well in the exam. Many of them have given positive reviews and have benefited from it. The decision to consider IELTS Simon an up-to-date source of information in 2023 completely lies up to you.

Stay dedicated and study harder to cover all the areas of the scope of the examination. For more information regarding the IELTS exam, IELTS study material and IELTS coaching get in touch with the experts at Study Smart in India anytime.

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