Journey and transformation of Manthan Rajesh Powar through Study Smart


Today we have come here to share the experience of one of our alumni Manthan Rajesh Powar and how Study Smart has changed his life forever. He was a Engineering graduate who passed out when he got in touch with Study Smart and was confused about which course to join. Study Smart has helped him to take the online IELTS examination and look after his admission process into the Kingston University for MSc Mechanical engineering.

Upon passing out post-graduation, he received an endorsement certificate from Kingston University for a startup visa. Recently, he has started a technology company named Barter UK Ltd and is working as the company CEO. This organization also assists the rising entrepreneurs in getting their startup visas and many other formalities. According to Manthan Rajesh Powar, he has experienced a great time personally and professionally at the Kington University. Study Smart has helped several other students like Manthan to advance their career by assisting them to study in their favorite University abroad.

What are the Different Study Smart services To Help the Students?

Study Smart is one of the leading educational services for students. We have been dominating this industry for more than ten years and implement the best practices to realize your vision of studying abroad. Our different services, industry foothold, and experienced staff ensure that all our students’ future is rewarding and bright.

  • Educational career Counseling

All the counselors present in Study Smart are international educational specialists who will do anything in their power and knowledge to help you find the perfect course and country for studying abroad.

  • Educational course advice

With various universities and colleges to select from abroad, we assist the students in deciding where and how to study abroad. Study Smart selects the best courses according to the student’s merits and interests that will enhance their career goals.

  • Assistance in Admission

The application quality helps the students whether they will get accepted or rejected by their preferred University. Study Smart assists the students in filling out their application forms with complete precision.

  • IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE preparation

Students have to appear for the various entrance examinations like IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL in order to get admission to international universities and colleges. Study Smart also trains them to excel in these examinations with ease.

  • Loan and Scholarship Assistance

Study Smart is in collaboration with numerous public and private banks, who guide and help the students going abroad by getting some financial assistance or educational loans. We also examine the capability of the students for applying to different scholarship programs of the University.

  • Assistance in Visa Application

We guide all our candidates in the application procedure and help them to submit the correct documents for the visa application.

  • Departure Preparation

You can now get off the airplane with complete confidence with the Study Smart Pre-departure preparation. It will get the student completely study-ready!

How Has Kingston University Changed Manthan’s Life?

Kingston University has been changing the students’ lives like Manthan by offering them the best learning opportunities, knowledge, and skills. According to the guide of Guardian University, Kingston University gets ranked as one of the Universities among the top 40. There are already more than 13000 European and over 3000 international students in over 140 countries. Kingston University is situated near River Thames and is considered one of the safest places to study for overseas students.

The University is upgraded with all the cutting-edge facilities and modern resources to deliver the best education to the students. The students can learn in a multicultural and diverse university environment with a welcoming and supportive community.

Why Select the UK for Studying Abroad?

The degrees from the reputed Universities like Kingston are acknowledged all across the world. With extensive subject choices to select from, a degree from a Britain University will look good on your resume. No matter in what industry or location you are in, a degree certificate from the UK will be an impressive point in your career.

British Colleges and Universities are known internationally across the world for their challenging and creative environment, pushing the students to do their best. The UK educational system has been considered the foundation of high standards across the globe for a long time with various modern facilities and radical teaching styles.

At last, all we can say is a big thank you to Manthan for sharing your experience, thoughts, and advice with our students. If you also want to enroll in any University abroad, get in touch with Study Smart, and we are right here to take care of the rest.

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