Know about the 10 In-Demand Job Opportunities in Australia


Are you looking for better job opportunities and a higher pay scale? If yes, then Australia can be your dream destination. Australia is a great place to work due to reasons such as an exceptionally stable economy, higher pay scales, a multicultural work environment, and an excellent job market. It is one of the best continents to offer outstanding employment opportunities for immigrants from all across the world.

To get a job there, you require an appealing resume, a valid work permit visa, and a year of experience. You will also need to prove your proficiency in the English language through a PTE score, which gets approved by the Australian Department of Immigration. To get a good PTE score, you can approach the best institutions for PTE preparation in Delhi. Let us now look at the fastest-growing job opportunities in Australia.

1. IT Systems Architect

The software development facilities of big companies like IBM, Google, Canon, and more in Australia have led to vast openings in the IT field. You can expect a starting salary of 140,000 AUD or higher if you have more experience. Currently, there are over 900 jobs in this sector all over Australia.

2. IT Manager

For this post, you will need knowledge of programming languages and administrative services. Machine learning, business intelligence, data management, and software development managers are in huge demand in Australia. You will get an annual salary of tentatively 125,000 AUD with ease if you are comfortable with the alterations in the technologies.

3. Engineering 

If you have a degree in core subjects like electronics and communication, or cloud engineering, there is a massive demand for your skills in this country. Telecom and DevOps engineers, too, are in high demand in Australia. You can expect a salary of around $88,440 annually. Cloud engineers can earn an average salary of up to 112000 AUD with some work experience.


4. Data Scientist 

There are many vacancies in Australia for this post. You can earn an average of up to 100,000 AUD here. So if you are a data scientist, you should not miss this chance of settling in Australia with a higher salary and a better work environment.

5. Management Jobs

The business markets of Australia are flourishing and are looking up for new talents. If you can pursue an MBA degree from an Australian University, then your way towards a lucrative career will be easier. You can expect job roles like general manager, marketing manager, or product manager and can also get support to start your own business. These roles can fetch you a salary of around 80,000 AUD.

6. Python Developer 

Python as a programming language is in high demand because of its portable nature. You can code on any platform using python, which has enhanced its popularity. So if you have expertise in it, getting a salary of 100,000 AUD will not be difficult for you.

7. Medical Field  

Providing the best possible healthcare is the priority of every country. This makes the medical field a substantial employment-demanding sector. If you are a qualified doctor, you can get employed at hospitals and nursing homes in Australia. You can also establish your clinic once you have done enough practice in the country. If you have super-specialization, you can also be a lecturer in medical universities. As a physician, veterinarian, nurse, or dentist, you can earn between $100,000 to $400,000 per year.

8. Agricultural Sciences  

Being a 12% contributor to the national GDP, the agricultural sector provides a considerable amount of jobs. If you are a postgraduate in forestry, agronomy, or environmental studies, you have a scope of better earnings in Australia.

9. Tourism  

Australia is a popular tourism site for people from across the world. According to a report, the tourism sector has contributed around forty-four dollars to its economy in the year 2019. As the fast-growing sector, it demands more tourism-related and hospitality management graduates. Earnings can range from AU$ 65,000 to AU$ 110,000.

10. Manufacturing Trade 

In this sector, the jobs are expected to grow by 3.7% in the next five years. With flexible work timings, you can earn between AU$ 36,000 and AU$ 135,000. The best part of this sector is that it does not prioritize academic qualifications. So you can consider working part-time here while pursuing further studies.


By now, you have known about the job opportunities in Australia in various sectors. Now your task is to find a job befitting your profile and educational background. Getting competitive pay is a dream of every employed person. The country where you work matters, but cross-training to expand your skills and developing leadership qualities also plays a major role in getting success in your career.

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