Know The Tips To Score a Band 8 in Your IELTS General Exam

Know-The-Tips-To-Score-a-Band 8-in-Your-IELTS-General-Exam

To get selected by a reputed University in a foreign country, you need to get a minimum band of eight in your IELTS general exam. Now you might wonder, is it possible to score band eight? IELTS online tutors in India suggest that attaining a specific English language level is enough to achieve this score. The grades you get in all sections will get added up and averaged to give the total score. To get a band eight in listening and reading modules, you must answer at least 89% of the questions. It means you have to get at least thirty-six answers correct. In the writing and speaking sections, your score will be calculated based on the raw marks. To get band eight in your IELTS general training, you need to perform well in all modules. In this article, we have given tips to master each of the sections below.

IELTS Writing 

Candidates find this section to be the toughest of all as they have to take care of spelling, grammar, punctuation, essay structure, etc. You have to answer two writing tasks. The writing task one involves formal and informal letter writing. Whereas task two consists of writing on a topic in about forty minutes. For task one, be accurate with the formats and convey the central idea of the letter error-free. Divide the letter body into paragraphs like introduction, problem, action, and conclusion. Close the letter on a positive note.

To excel in this section, work on areas like grammatical range, accuracy, vocabulary, how to link your ideas well, and answering questions properly. Follow the standard structure of the essay and letter and provide a clear opinion. One of the most important things to remember is to strictly adhere to the word limit. You will have to write a lot in a limited time, so regular practice is a must. If you find this section difficult even after practice, try to get a decent score here and ace the other examination modules.

IELTS Reading 

As mentioned earlier, you must get thirty-six out of forty questions correct to get a band eight in this module. Not to forget that since you get only sixty minutes to read three texts and answer forty questions, this leaves no gap for mistakes. Time management and the ability to judge tricky language are the keys to improvement. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers, so try to attempt all the questions.

You need to pay attention to write answers carefully along with text understanding, with no spelling errors. Work on skills like time management, logic deduction, and a proper inference from the given texts. We recommend the candidates read articles of variable types every day. It will help you to improve your reading skills.

Speaking Module 

The examiner will judge you based on fluency, vocabulary, grammatical range, and pronunciation. Each of these areas will carry a weightage of 25%. Be confident while you speak to the examiner. To practice, talk to your friends and family members in English or speak in front of the mirror. Record your speech, and later on, listening to it will also help you judge yourself and improve. Do not be shy in front of the examiner, explain your ideas with appropriate examples, and take feedback from your friends on your speech. There are no shortcuts that will make you a fluent speaker overnight. You will get your speaking skills right only with regular and dedicated practice.

Listening Module 

In this section, you need to get thirty-five or thirty-six correct answers out of forty to get a band score of eight. Try to listen to audio clips like podcasts, radio shows, videos, lectures, and many more in English regularly. If you face difficulties in perceiving the pronunciation of certain phrases, listen to them multiple times till you understand their meaning. Carefully examine the changes in intonation. You can incorporate these to ace your speaking section.

Summing it up 

There are no tips and tricks for achieving overnight success. The scores in the IELTS exam will improve only with a continuous organic procedure. Make sure that you are well aware of the syllabus of the examination. Check out the previous years’ papers to get more ideas about the type of questions asked. Getting a band eight is difficult without dedicated practice sessions. IELTS online tutors in India can help you improve your skills and attempt to solve the paper within the given time frame. Online coaching will also deliver effective study material and practice tests, which help you to achieve your goal with ease.

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